The Milan Machine win In Catania !

Titles are won by winning shitty games like the one Milan played over the weekend at Catania. This was quite simply our most important victory of the season as This is what makes championship winning sides. The character, sacrifice and determination. To look your teammate in the eye and put all your trust in him. Milan winning away at Catania with ten men 6 of whom were defenders(thanks to a terrible injury crisis) demonstrated just that.

The reason why Milan keep on winning is that everybody plays for the team this season.Were turning into a machine, as was clearly demonstrated in the game VS Catania. As anyone who follows Serie A knows that getting 3 points away at Catania is hard enough, but to get them with only 10 men, that’s just beautiful !

With 11 men out injured, Milan got a player sent off at 0-0 and Still win the game 2-0 in an away against a team that had only lost at home against Inter Merda and Juventus. Excellent result, stuff of champions.

It’s not just a fan opinion but of anyone who understands football that Van Bommel’s second yellow card was undeserved. He got that card only because he is Van bommel. Thats what happens to rough tough guys like Van Bommel and Gattuso, the referee’s don’t give them a benefit of doubt. The referee didn’t raise his hand with the yellow card till he saw Van Bommel’s face. Minutes before that Robinho was hit off the ball by Spolli, and since he was already on a yellow he should have got a red, however it passed through the referee’s radar.

For their part Catania players play acted and fell like 9 pins. However that unjustified red card pushed everyone to play their hearts out and Catania suffered in the end.

Grande Milan finished this game in 10 men with 3 left backs, 3 center backs and no midfielder on the field. The way Allegri has handled this whole injury crisis is incredible. The fact that the team hasn’t really fallen, or hasn’t really suffered as much in its style in spite of the injuries and new additions, is all down to him. Not many teams can handle the quantity of injuries we’ve suffered and have such results.

Most Milan fans get a sinking feeling overtime Bonera is included in the starting line up, however he was good against Catania and made 2 important tackles. Antonini the other weak link was not terrible either and deserved credit for fighting hard. In the middle of the defense, Yepes was such a monster, so composed on both ends. I wish that we had him a few seasons earlier, especially last season. Super-Mario Yepes owns the Air.

And What can you say about Thiago. One can run out of superlatives to describe him. Effortlessly, He makes all our midfielders look ordinary though he has been playing there for a week now. As he said in an interview, he is very scared of letting the ball go by him in midfield and putting the extra pressure on the defense. It must be a dilemma for Allegri, where should I play Thiago silva today ? He’s a world class defender/defensive midfielder and luckily for us he is a Milan Player.

There is nothing that I can say about our attack that hasn’t already been said. Even on off days they win us game, especially Ibrahimovic who woke up after Van bommel’s red card and combined with Fast train Robinho to drive home the 3 points. Grande Milan !

The next day Inter won against Palermo and much is being made of this come back win with debutant Pazzini scoring twice. For those Milan fans feeling shitty after a Inter comeback win, remember Palermo not only had a horrible defense but their star player Pastore failed to go into 5th gear today. The fact that they had to come back from 2-0 to win the game shows the state of Inter’s affairs. Their “comeback” win is not a surprise either, after all Inter had the second best Transfer market campaign in europe this season ,they are buying referees really cheap!

The Rebirth of The Rossoneri

World Soccer Magazine ran a Cover story about our beloved Milan in this month’s edition. It is a well written optimistic piece about the resurgence of Milan as a super power.

It’s a great moral boost for any Rossoneri fan, so the next time our boys play a lackluster game or draw against Parma at home, Read this article and get your spirits back in order. Can’t wait to watch Milan V Catania tonight ! Forza Milan..

Click here to read the article.

Didac Vila to Milan.The Real Story.

Why are Milan buying Didac Vila ? Who is he ?

Well considered nothing more than a backup player for Espanyol, though with some sort of a potential, he plays at Left back and most famously was voted the Flop of The Match vs Barcelona, post a La Liga game.

Everything about this transfer seems wrong to Milan Fans and transfer pundits. After-all, Why Get another antonini ? He seems at best a decent backup who need to develop quite a bit and doesn’t seem like he could make an immediate impact. Something Milan need right now to win the Scudetto and Coppa Italia.

Well as far as the eye can see, there are two reasons why he is being bought.

It’s no secret that Milan desire Domenico Criscito, who is not a world class player but a definite upgrade over Antonini. Criscito is an experienced Serie A player and can do a solid Left Back job for Milan. Geno, although they have done enough business with Milan this season, are reluctant to let him go. If they sell everyone then who do they play with ?

Recently Milan bought 50% of Promising young striker Alberto Paloschi (the new Pippo Inzaghi) and transferred it to Genoa. Most people though it was probably as a thank you for Boateng transfer in the summer. However there seems to be a deeper story here.

It seems like one of these two scenario’s will happen, before the transfer windows closes.

Milan will loan out newly bought Didac Vila to Genoa in exchange for Domenico Criscito + 50% Alberto Paloschi + Transfer Money.


Milan will get Domenico Criscito yet in exchange for Luca Antonini + 50% of Alberto Paloschi

Mr.Galliani after his dealings with Genoa is considered a friend of the club and he just might be able to pull of this complex yet win win transfer for everyone. Galliani is obviously aware of Milan’s woes at the left back and anyone who loves the club will never fill that crucial position with a player whose isn’t a starter right away.

So in the end, Vila will go to Genoa, fill the gap left by Criscito’s departure to Milan and return with valuable first Team experience and hopefully moving on to being a useful squad player for Milan.

And In the second scenario Antonini, who is already an average squad player goes to Genoa and we Get Criscito. In the end it seems like a Win for Milan. Galliani is going to ensure that.Remember Fester knows better.

Sampdoria 1 – 2 Milan. Post Match Report

Milan scored a comfortable win against Sampdoria in their Coppa Italia quarter final tonight and are now through to the semi final against Palermo. Both Milan goals were Scored by pato with assists from Thiago Silva and Urby Emanuelson. There are a few things that were very noticeable in our Milan team today.

1. Milan were pressing all over the field. This team is drastically different from the team we have all seen in the previous few season. Most impressive was their pressing high up on the pitch which gave Sampdoria fans many a anxious moments.

2. The players showed that they are willing to fight for the places. Players like Oddo who have barely featured in Milan’s campaign for quite a while now, put in a commendable performance and showed a will to fight previously not seen. Yepes and Sokratis gave another solid display and all this with Pato’s 2 goals is bound to give allegri sleepless nights (in a good way).

3. With several world class and dedicated players in tow, this Milan team believes that it can win.unlike the Team of last year, which was always surprised at its achievements, this team gets on to the field demanding nothing less than a win.the positive arrogant self assured attitude that a winner should possess is visibly prevalent in this team.

Moving onto notable player performances, well there are many today.


Defensively all 4 were solid today. Antonini had a glitch or two however overall produced a solid display. Every time Sampdoria came onto us our central defenders were easily able to thwart the attacks. Oddo showed that he wants a starting place and gave a surprisingly solid display. It suddenly seems that Milan’s full back woes are a million miles away. The huge positive from the last two games is that Allegri has a lot of options now wether it’s the defense or the midfield.


Thiago Silva has turned out to be an excellent midfielder, not only did he create the goal for pato he was running the midfield effectively and even tracked back quickly to help out the defense. The number of time he was seen at the back makes one feel like he misses the back area very much, however it’s good to know that we have a multi positional world class player at our disposal.

For a first game without any training, Van bommel and Emanuelson were solid. Most Milan fans probably expected a better performance out of Van Bommel as he struggled initially to understand and keep up with the rhythm of Milan’s beautiful game however he adapted adequately and will blend in better, once he gets more match experience. He committed his first foul after 48 minutes, which must be some sort of a record. After the game he was happy hugging and chatting with other Milan;s players, a side of him we haven’t seen before. So is he already a changed man ?

Emanuelson was good and is bound to be a great signing. He ran throughout was all over the place trying to create chances or tracking back and made the pass for Pato;s second goal. Had a injury scare in the second half but returned quickly to finish the game off. He adapted quickly to Milan;s style of play and showed a good understanding with Robinho and Merkel.

Robinho and Merkel were everywhere, however it was obvious that later Allegri asked them to stay back a little overtime Sampdoria’s attacking storm came. Even if Robinho didn’t make a pass or score a goal (yeah right), he was a important connecting factor and did his usual dribbling around defenders and playing one/two’s with Pato.

Merkel just might have something special and could become an important player for Milan in the coming years. Seedorf really has no chance vs Merkel as Merkel runs a lot, is defensively much better and a complete midfielder. He impressed today with his pressing, his movement to the box and his speedy progress from a youth team player to a first team regular. He goes on like this then Milan will soon have a world class midfielder on their hands.It’s very obvious that Pato, Merkel and Robinho understand each other very well. Well since Pato and Merkel are best buddy’s, such a thing could be expected.


Today, it looked like Pato set all things right, especially the critics who have got on his case by calling him a selfish player and comparing him unfavorably with Ibrahimovic. Today was a perfect game for him. The change from the selfish Pato was visible. He didn’t try to dribble more than 1 player, he simply gave the ball when he had many Sampdoria players in front of him he helped to defend on the right side, and he showed again how clinical he is when he is in front of the goal. It seems like he is more relaxed by playing with fellow countrymen Robinho and best friend Merkel instead of a perfectionist like Ibrahimovic, who has constantly been caught by cameras showing disappointment over a missed pass or a bad decision. Even when Ibrahimovic came on for Pato there was barely any sort of a friendly acknowledgement between them as is normally seen among players.

This was a great step ahead for Milan and Allegri who has managed to integrate Youth and world class players and got them to play probably the most beautiful attacking football that is being played anywhere in the world right now.

Sampdoria VS Milan Preview

Tonight,Milan face Sampdoria in the Coppa Italia.Sampdoria currently are a team in trouble when it comes to their attack since they have lost both Cassano and Pazzini to Milan and injury respectively.Milan on the other have issues of their own to handle.

Officially Injured List:
Andrea Pirlo, Mathieu Flamini, Clarence Seedorf, Rodney Strasser, K-P Boateng, Gennaro Gattuso, Gianluca Zambrotta, Alessandro Nesta, Filippo Inzaghi,Ambrosini

A season ago an injury list like this would’ve given the most optimist Milan supporter reason to hit the bottle,However winter shopping has meant that Milan might be able to get away with this and that too just by the skin of their teeth.

New signing Van Bommel and Emanuelson have barely joined the new squad and chances are that they will be one of the very few players in the world to play a competitive game before they hit the training.Allegri has already stated that these two are bound to feature in the game tonight and there are a couple of reasons why these two should start right away

Firstly,Given the large number of injuries and virtually a draught when it comes to midfield choices, it’s only right that both the new players jump in right away.
bommel is a defensive rock and will give Milan much needed cover and Emanuelson’s technique and creativity can be a much needed respite.

Secondly, Van Bommel and Emanuelson are not going to have any sort of a ‘break in’ period because Milan needs them Right Away. They should take this coppa game as as training to be ready for the weekend’s Serie A game.Another start for Merkel can be expected, alongside Van Bommel and Emanuelson on the left, though i would love to see how Emanuelson performs as a attacking left back.

In the attack, Ibrahimovic should be given a rest because we don’t want him to burn out.We have other attackers who can take his place and at best he can be given a run out if we really need him. So hopefully allegri will go with Robinho-Cassano-Pato in attack.This is also a good opportunity to show Pato the faith that the coach has in the player as another Game starting from the bench can’t be good for his morale.

Oddo has done okay in the games he has played in this season so he deserves a chance and based on their commendable performances against Cesena, Sokratis and Yepes can start in the center. If both of them have another good game against Sampdoria then we could have the making of a good backup defensive pair.lastly Antonini is expected to play on the left side as Allegri himself said “Bonera ‘s morale has sagged lower than great granny boobies”.

So the Probable formation will be



Merkel-Van Bommel-Emanuelson



Forza Milan !!

Official: Mark Van Bommel Joins Milan from Bayern

The transfer most Milan fans were dreading is finally done. 33 year old Mark Van Bommel joins AC Milan as their latest winter signing. The Milan fan’s reluctance is not just due to his age but also because of his on field behavior.

Milan squad might already consist enough ‘bad boys’ to give Allegri nightmares however Bommel isn’t just a hard partying bad boy driving fast cars. He’s famous for his on field foul behavior and liberal beliefs in executing martial arts moves on a football field.

However since the transfer is done, why not take a look at some of the positive that might come along with this transfer.

1. Although the exact details are not revealed, but this is certain to be a Cheap or maybe even a free transfer.With 6 months remaining on his contract and a tiff with the coach, Bayern couldn’t possibly have holed out for a substantial sum of money.

2. Van Bommel is arguably a world class Defensive Midfielder with enough experience in the top tier of european football.

3. He will add the much needed depth to Milan’s injury prone midfield.As has been seen,Flamini is injury-prone, Ambrosini was injury-prone for many years and is now old, Gattuso gets injured as his legs just can’t support his bulldog instincts anymore. Van Bommel is physically a rock and can step in for any of them.

4. Though it might seem far fetched but he could bring a vital killer leadership element to the team. Neither Ambrosini or Gattuso are particularly good captains who can inspire the team now. Pirlo, Seedorf & Nesta are even worse and most of it all, all the 5 go to the hospital very often.
Van Bommel comes from the Roy Keane school of leadership. He can be counted upon to add fighting spirit to the team.Especially a team with budding inexperienced talent like Merkel and Strasser.

5. Lastly his height(1m87) and overall physical build makes him a important peg in the free-kick wall. Milan could use strong aerial challenge in the midfield and Van Bommel would be glad to provide that.

A 6 month deal for free or half a million (unconfirmed) for a sturdy player is a good deal.He will be an important addition for Milan’s Serie A chase. A player like Mark Van Bommel is much preferred to Ambrosini and maybe even Gattuso.

Benvenuto Van Bommel

Dear Robinho,Why don’t you learn to shoot ?

Dear Robinho,

Although we are very happy and elated that you are such a turbo midfielder, always connecting plays, dazzling defenders with your dribbling and creating chances, it leaves us nothing but disgusted when you take those “shots” at goal.It’s not just that you shoot like a little girl, you usually follow it with a disgusting shit-face and the sign of a cross. Even Jesus is sick of you calling upon him so much during a game.

When we watch the videos of your tricks, dribbles your runs down the field gladden our heart, but rather than see the footage of your shooting, we ‘d gladly watch a Paris Hilton Music video (yikes) !

In fact things are so bad that we don’t trust you to score a goal even if there was an empty goal in front of you. You claimed in a previous interview that it’s not your duty to score goals, only to create them. Then dear fellow, why don’t you leave the job to Ibrahimovic and Cassano ? Why don’t you just pass the ball instead of kicking it blindly and hoping it would hit the net.

If you were scoring goal then it would be a different thing, we are even to willing to tolerate your lame pseudo samba goal celebrations.No one doubts your skills as a player or the 25 goals you scored in Madrid, however Dear Robson, you waste a lot of chances that could be better finished by Ibrahimovic or even Gattuso. So here are a few suggestions

*While you are heading out to the clubs at night, why don’t you stop by Pippo Inzaghi’s casa one day and ask him for finishing tips. Inzaghi has virtually scored with every part of his body and he’d be more than happy to give you tips.Just take a nice bottle of italian wine with you.

*Perhaps instead of spending time perfecting your goal celebrations you could spend some more time practicing your shooting at Milanello. Afterall, Man City fans just hate you. Wouldn’t you like to prove them wrong and give some killer performances ? Or would you rather go the Ronaldinho way and fade away un-noticed ?

Things are not rosy when people are more willing to bet on Seedorf having a good game than they are on you scoring a goal. If you expect generosity, kindness and loyalty from Curva sud, then Dear Robinho give thought to the things said above and don’t forget that you are playing for the Italian Supremo,He’ll have you evicted in no time if you keep wasting scoring chances like this.

Milan V Cesena Post Match Report

Against Cesena,Milan scored a solid yet unspectacular win last night with several pleasing surprises from those who don’t get to play very often.Although not considered the strongest and spending most of their time in the lower ranks of italian football, Cesena is a tough team to play against.Most of the bigger italian teams have realized this hence there are definitely many positives that Milan can take out of the game.

Return of the solid defense line ?

For better or worse Milan’s defensive duties have been resting on Thiago silva and Sandro Nesta’s shoulders.Milan fans sweat bullets when either of them doesn’t play.Allegri for his part has stuck with the utterly useless Bonera as a backup,refusing to show any trust in Yepes or the greek Sokratis Papastathopoulos.

After his second game for Milan where he faltered magnificently, Sokratis Papastathopoulos has not been given a second chance.the young defender,deep in danger of fading away from Milanello back to where he came from, delivered a solid performance.Sokratis needs to realize that there is nowhere better to learn the art of classy defending than in the hallowed training ground of Milan.If he builds up on this performance yesterday,Milan fans should see their defending woes disappear.Put your head down and work hard son !

Allegri needs to realize that we have solid backups for our CB’s.Nesta’s the team leader,the composed defender,and when he is out, we need Yepes who is in the same mold. Thiago Silva is the beast,a very fast,athletic defender,who has also become defensively smarter and positionally sound in the past year,and if he goes out, Sokratis needs to play since as he possesses similar attributes.Sokratis has the potential in abundance but he just needs to become smarter and that will come with time and experience.

Mad Dog Abate

Abate if he plays his cards right could be Our RB for the better part of this decade. Not all has he improved immensely when it comes to his defending skills, he made several great crosses today. If he keeps improving like this,he could be the best RB around.He’s already close.

Abate tends to make good ground passes whilst playing down the line, however, when given time and expectation of placing in a pinpoint cross he struggles.This is probably the most important attacking attribute in his role, his crossing.Abate delivered some good crosses against Cesena, however he needs to put Ibrahimovic’s head on a board and practice crossing to it all afternoon every single day.

King Ibra

What more can you ask of the guy ? He gets in great positions, plays point-man superbly, scores goals when needed, and works tirelessly. Enough people have accused him being a soloist selfish player but coming to Milan works wonders on people and Milan fans are falling in love with this new Ibra, the one who truly plays for the team.

Resting on Ibrahimovic's shoulders

Over 50% of Milan’s goals are scored by Ibrahimovic.Even in Kaka’s best years, or Ronaldinho’s Barcelona years or even Ibrahimovic’s time at Inter, was as productive in terms of sheer consistency of performance.The only problem lies in Allegri’s over reliance on Ibrahimovic.


Robinho has been stellar for the last few games.And against Cesena he was on fire.Dribbling past defenders, linking up effortlessly with Cassano and Ibrahimovic.After a not so awesome start for Milan,Robinho is turning out to be a very organizational player for Milan .His movement, creative displays and most importantly tracking back after losing possession are very handy for the team.

Robinho was all over the pitch trying to win the ball and literally ran non stop for the whole 90 minutes.If he continues on these tracks then he will be as important to the team as perhaps Ibrahimovic.As far as his finishing his concerned, well thats a complete different discussion all together.

Lastly, Abbiati was the unsung hero yet again. He made one brilliant stop in the first half after Malonga’s skillful turn and shot and then backed it up with another huge stop on Schelotto.If the italian national team needs a #1 Abbiati is him.

Milan’s New Signing from Ajax : Urby Emanuelson

The evening before Milan’s Champions league game with Ajax Amsterdam,Jaap Stam,the legendary Milan defender had dinner with Adriano Galliani and Ariedo Braida (Director at Milan), and as it happens, the talk of Milan’s fullback woes came up.Stam,being a true Milanista recommended the name of Urby Emanuelson of Ajax.Stam’s logic was that since Milan play with almost 3 attackers always and a compact midfield , there is a lot of space for a full back to explore which Milan’s current fullbacks are simply not capable of doing.

After following Emanuelson for quite a while,it was announced today that he has been signed up by Milan and they are looking at getting him in the January Transfer window.Since this news announced there were two kinds of reactions from Milan fans.

First , “Urby who ?” and second, “But he can’t defend “.With Milan badly in need of defensive prowess,especially around the left flank why sign a player whose wikipedia page describes him as a “bad defender” ?

Now let’s clarify a few things first, Emanuelson is not really your typical italian left full back. He is more of a left midfielder who can be deployed as a left wing back.How does this work for Milan ?

In Serie A barring the top 5 teams, most teams will choose to play ultra defensively against an attack like Milan and with 3 midfielder who are anyways defense minded,Milan run short of creative attacking options especially from the flanks as we saw against Lecce.Even a blind man can tell that Antonini and Bonera (who apparently is our fullback now) simply provide nothing while going up the pitch.

Emanuelson can change all that as he’s good at dribbling, passing the ball around and more importantly curling in a mean cross from the flanks.He possesses the speed of Abate except that he can do everything Abate does a lot better.Milan need such a player in their ranks to win the Scudetto.

Not only is he a similar player to Serginho, Emanuelson can emulate Serginho by playing a more attacking role against weaker teams or in situations when we need to go all out to score a goal.The space lying open on the left flank by playing an attacking trident will benefit Emanuelson because of his speed and the technical abilities he has known to exhibit.

Hopefully,Coming to a club like Milan will only motivate him to train better and expand on the classy skills that he already possesses.If we can turn Abate into a decent right back then imagine what we can do with someone who already is talented.

The drawback in this deal is that Emanuelson is cup tied for this season, as he already featured in the Champions League For Ajax.if he comes before the january window closes then Milan definitely can’t use him in the Champions League.

However Kudos to Galliani for pulling off another coup, working quietly in the background to get a talented player. Hopefully he should arrive in the January window as Ariedo Braida is already in Amsterdam trying to negotiate a price for a january release.If not then he will arrive for free in july as his contract expires then.

In any case, BENVENUTO URBY !!

5 things Massimiliano Allegri Should Learn From The Bari Game

Ibrahimovic, Cassano and Robinho are the new holy Trinity.

Even though the game was against a weak Serie A side, the trio spared no trick and dazzled the San Siro crowd with their flicks and flints, something which the Rossoneri faithful haven’t seen since the days of the Dutch trinity.

Milan have,in the last few seasons struggled to play with a consistent fluidity, especially in attack.However that is all about to change with the quality options that have been acquired this season. “Ib-Ca-RO” seem to have a telepathic understanding of each other’s movements, as was evident in the game yesterday.It of course helps that Robinho had played with Cassano at Madrid and has spent half a season playing and training alongside Ibrahimovic.

Yesterday was the first time that the three of them played together and I can say without any hesitation that San Siro can expect many many dazzling things to come.

Youth over old legs

As Merkel and previously Strasser have shown, they can do a better job than the aging legs of Seedorf and Ambrosini.Now no one is forcing allegri to field them in the Champions league Semi final, however they deserve to be give full game run outs against weaker opponent.Not only do they need this to develop into quality players but it’s also not as risky as it seems as both have them have already scored their Senior goals pretty swiftly and look very comfortable on the ball the few times that we have seen them play this season.

Most Milan fans will agree, Merkel,Strasser and verdi need play more often.


Yepes is a better alternative than Bonera.In spite of barely playing at all this season for Milan, Yepes put in a respectable performance against Bari and it goes without saying that as and when Milan need a backup for Nesta/Silva this season it has to be Yepes.Not only does he hold valuable experience he also is good in the air something which Bonera can only have wet dreams about.

Drop the Small Team Mentality Mr.Allegri

Allegri has to remember that he is at Milan not Cagliari,where he had to ensure each and every game could make a difference between relegation and safety. At Milan we don’t field many of our First team players when we play Cup Games against weak opposition.And ideal Milan team should try new tactical tweaks and give a runout to younger players.

Though Ibrahimovic was sensational as always in the game against Bari, playing him in a cup game against a bottom half Serie A side is plain stupid. God Forbid, what if he had picked up a knock ?

The opposite of this also stands true, Strasser should’ve been given a chance and once we were winning, Ibrahimovic should’ve been taken off.Look around Mr.Allegri. You are in THE San Siro, this ain’t no school yard field.

Alexander Merkel

Merkel played like a player mature beyond his years.With elegant technique and graceful movements,he send giddiness up the hearts of Milan fans with his goal(scored with the weaker foot) and the sublime pass for Robinho’s goal.The energy and enthusiasm he brought along was an added boon and not for a moment did he look uncomfortable or out of position on the field.

Not only was he a big part of our play,tactically he was always disciplined.With Pirlo probably being out of the Cesena game over the weekend, I think Merkel has a shout to start against Cesena.

Milan fans will no doubt expect more similar stuff from Merkel and we hope that he won’t go down the shitter.

Great job nonetheless, even by the visibly thinner oddo who just might prove to be a decent backup.For now, we eagerly look forward to the weekend game against Cesena.