Future European Football Star : Ignazio Abate

When Milan bought Ignazio Abate my Juve friends made fun. “Who the fuck is abate ?”

I couldn’t gloat enough when I showed the feature this Month’s World Soccer Magazine ran on Mad dog Abate. So it’s not just Milan Fans who think that abate has a lot of potential. Apparently the rest of the footballs old is beginning to take notice too.

Ignazio Abate

Abate the rising star !

Milan V Lazio : Post Match comment

Where is gattuso and van bommel when you need them ? The young czech scumbag Kozak elbowed and head butted his way through the match and could’ve used a slap or two by gattuso.
Even more surprising is that after sending Bonera and legrottaglie out of the game, kozak was still on field with only a single yellow card to his name, maybe coz he is a well known interista ? Milan fans will no doubt feel hard done by the referee but there is not such a need to be depressed fellow Milanistas.

The Unluck

Lazio are 3rd in the league and not some relegation team, yet we shut them down, hit the post twice, had a shot cleared off the line, missed a few easy chances and had to sub 2 CB’s, all while most of out starting 11 were out injured.

Inter with injury’s were a joke, Milan with injury’s just dominated a 3rd place Team. On another day it would have been 3-0 easily. So even though we may have dropped 2 points, we never lost and did not look like losing. Milan- Lazio was one of those unlucky games which have to end 0-0. To dominate like we did without a crop of midfielders and defenders against a good Lazio side was really impressive. Milan were simply unlucky today.

We had a make shift, patch work team, missed so many chances and for once in a long time, really dominated a decent side in terms of possession and efforts of goals, so lets not get too disheartened even though there is the fear that all these draws will come back to haunt us as we let our grip on Serie A slip.

Muscle VS Brain

I can’t remember the last time Milan played in such a high tempo. We had aggression, we had pace and we had offensive presence in numbers. Players running to attack the final third with direct and fast passes. But, on the other side, there was also no clear organization in the attack, the touching/passing were poor most of the time. To sum it up, we had a lot of muscles, but we lacked brain.

Lazio did not impress at all. While they were busy throwing elbows, they barely touched the ball all game and did not have one decent chance to score. Milan simply showed how much more quality we had.

However it has to be said that “pass ball to Ibra and he will do the rest” strategy doesn’t work anymore. Teams know this and put enough defenders on Ibrahimovic. If we are going to rely on Ibrahimovic like we currently are then lets not rely on him for goals.We should lets rely on him for his creativity, which he is brilliant at. We need a proper striker to play with Ibra, and that player is none other than Alexandre Pato.

Fight Club

Ibra and Robinho showed a fight tonight. We have not seen a Milan side show such a fight in a league game for the longest time. Ibra fights to the 90th, and in my opinion, thats the ultimate respect to the fans. Robinho does this too. There is no quitting and losing is not ok. You don’t win every match, but you put forth the 100% effort.

Milanista’s have only seen that kind of fight out of Milan in Champions league games or Vs. Inter/Juve in last few years. Last year how many games did Milan look dead ? Remember the helpless Man utd loss ? In league games Milan just coasted around with no passion, even though we were only 6 points out of the title race.

Fans must remember that This milan team has major flaws in midfield and lots of injuries and brand new players, hence set backs are inevitable.

Lazio Defense

How often is Zlatan offside? Not very much.
But today he was quite a number of times. Why ?

Because Lazio’s back four actually defended as all fours and not 2 center-backs and 2 wing-backs, but as 4 defenders in sync who knew how to run an offside trap. There’s a reason Lazio are 3rd and have 9 clean sheets and 3rd lowest ‘goals against’ in Serie A. They Defend excellently as a unit.Furthermore, there midfield is excellent. Aside from Hernanes there is also Ledesma who is a Proper CM,a good tackler and excellent in possession.


Finally, everyone is concerned with the little kid Pato however at this stage nothing is better for him than this competition. He’s a precocious talent, but really aside from a few sparks he hasn’t shown that competitive fighting spirit.

He could learn a lot from Zlatan and Robinho and Cassano. Zlatan and Robinho are proven winners and champions, Something Pato is not yet and He has to learn to play tougher and with more heart. If he cribs about being subbed or not being started then he simply isn’t mentally strong.

In Conclusion

So yeah, Milan drew to a 3rd place side. Even if we failed to win, we fought till the 90th. Not packing it in in the 70th and deciding ‘eh not our day’ like we saw so much in the last few years.

SPORT-Expressen interview With Max Allegri !

Allegri: Ibra and Messi best in world

MILANO. Massimiliano Allegri makes his first season as coach of Milan. And 43-year-old from Livorno may look back on a great start in the club.

Milan is on target, knock out stages in the Champions League, semifinals of the Cup and top of the serie A.

It is a normal Monday at Milanello, the club’s training complex which is located a few miles off the center of Milan. In the lobby some journalists relax with club managers and players. Antonio Cassano, 28 sits in an armchair with an espresso, and Clarence Seedorf, 34, devotes a few minutes to cheek kiss a female reporter.

And “Max” Allegri, who had a dream start in the club is pleased to note that the club acted diligently in the market. Last player in is the 34-year-old Nicola Legrottaglie, who just signed a contract at the club office at the famous Via Turati in Milan.

“Ibra has never been better”
Allegri said at the press conference that Ibrahimovic is an important acquisition,that the key word against Lazio is the “intensity”, and that the club’s conduct in the transfer market gets a 9 out of 10 in the ratings.

After the press conference SPORT-Expressen had their own chat with Allegri. Meanwhile, as a player, he made himself known to be an elegant player and a man of style. The same impression he gives now, and appears very friendly and correct.

“I think there will be a difficult match against Lazio because they have a very good team with many talented players. They are technical and the team is very well organized” he says.

Ibra had to work very hard against Catania. How is he physically right now?
Ibra feels great. He had to work much later but he is ready for tomorrow (read: today). He will start.

With Pato or Cassano?
It is most likely with Pato. Cassano has yet not so great condition and needs more physical training. I’ll probably let Pato start.

You said a few days ago that Zlatan was having his best season ever
Yes, exactly. To me, he has never been better than he is now.

So how do you rate him among all players in the world?
According to me there are two players who are best in the world. It is Ibra And it is Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo then?
Well, he’s up there. But I think that Cristiano Ronaldo is one step behind Ibra and Messi.

Okay, do you think that Milan would have been in this position without Zlatan?
It’s very difficult to answer … But of course he is very important to us and we will be a much better team with him.

You have so many injuries. How do you see your midfield situation right now?
Currently I have big problems with the midfield. We have many injured. It is important that we get players back now.

Why Legrottaglie?
We need more central defenders, and he is a good player. We have a few defenders, Nesta, who is injured and they need time to rehabilitate themselves. And with a new defender, I can move up Thiago Silva in midfield, that I will do tonight.

It has been said that Zlatan and Pato are not working out together. How about that?
No, that’s not true. The only thing is that Pato is a different player compared to Cassano. There is no problem. ‘Ibra’ will work with any player.We need a big squad

Is there something with Ibra that has surprised you?
No, not really. And I think he can play even better. He is very strong.

Mino Raiola has brought in many players in the club recently. Is it just a coincidence or is it only on Zlatan’s entry?
No, it’s just a coincidence. He (Raiola) has helped us with new players because it is important when we are in three different competitions. Champions League, Serie A, and italian Cup. Therefore, we need a big squad and many players who are fresh.

But right Zlatan plays very much and drag a heavy load. Do you see any danger in that?
No. He is strong. Everything is okay for Ibra, says Allegri and smiles.

How To Beat Ac Milan ?

The acclaimed Writer Jonathan Wilson,Wrote an interesting article called “How to beat Milan” in this month’s world soccer Magazine. First of all the presence of such articles in popular media simply suggest that Rossoneri are back. Why else would others be interested in devising ways to Beat Us ?
Europe is alarmed and for their sake,Mr.wilson goes on to analyze the loopholes in the rossoneri game plan.

Now Wilson is a fantastic writer with an amazing tactical insight, however the approach he suggests taking could result in a double edged sword for the opposing teams. To summarize, he’s advising the other teams (Tottenham for instance) to press our wing-backs as much as possible and try to get into 1 on 1 situations with Abate and Zambrotta or whoever is playing fullback that day.

There is no denying the fact that Milan struggle against Width, especially if a team like Spurs presses double up on the wings. However at the same time, I do think Allegri has shown flexibility in our system to counter this.

Against other teams who played wide players, for instance Sampdoria in the Coppa match, we changed to a 4-3-3 with our two wide attackers trying to pin down their fullbacks backs. As a result of this our midfield will shuffle across the pitch to support our fullbacks as we have seen many times from the excellent Rino gattuso supporting the right back time and again.

By doing this we will stifle Spurs in wide areas. There is also the fact that a team like Spurs generally like their wingers to push right up the pitch which means that we would find useful space in between the wingers and wing-backs Or alternatively if it’s the wing-backs that push up, then they will leave huge gaps behind anyway for Robinho and Cassano to run onto.

If our three midfielders can dominate their midfield duo, which is something that M.Wilson has also shed light on, then the game really is ours for the taking, even if it means that our fullbacks won’t push forward much to offer width and attacking options.

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