Milan Trounce Napoli ! Serie A Looks in Awe…

The Team Report
Not only is this a big result but a a great performance from our Milan in which we deserved the three points. This is undeniably one of our best performances this season and for Pato, quite possibly his best in the Milan shirt.

Before going into details, I want to say we were completely dominant over Napoli, who were beaten technically and tactically.

Tactically we started out looking to hold the ball deep which made Napoli come out up front to press us which clearly was an uncomfortable situation for them as they were forced to defend in numbers.

Still, In the first half they generally stayed deep, but struggled with us in wide areas, as both our midfielders and the odd attacker went extremely wide and Napoli’s midfielders had to come out to cover leaving our fullbacks free to cut in towards the centre with plenty of space. In the other scenario our fullbacks would overlap our midfielders to run into the space behind the Napoli wide men, which would often stretch the back 3. While we were totally dominant, we failed to score as a result of our lack of sharpness in the final third.

The second half started in a similar way with us pushing harder to create an opening. Eventually the game completely opened up as Napoli conceded the penalty and went behind. Excitingly rather than dropping deeper, we stayed as we were as Napoli pushed up. Doing this pressed them in their deep midfield and their attacking players never got any quality supply. Playing like this with an open Napoli resulted in us being deadly on quick counters with our forward line running onto through balls.

In all honesty, Mazzari and the Napoli players failed to react to our tactical game and were completely dominant, putting in a performance of great passion and grit.

The Players Report

The duck

Tonight, Pato played a perfect game.At this level, he is easily among the best players in the world. He defended, he made an assist, he moved a lot, he was dangerous, he didn’t try too many useless dribbles, and he scored … Simply Perfect. If he can keep this up, he will be our main player for the rest of the season and will bring us to success for sure.

The bommel

Van Bommel did what he had to do almost perfectly and did a bit more by trying to push forward sometimes, especially after realizing that Napoli didn’t want to play in attack, they were there for a 0-0 score. Milan;s defense has looked much better overtime Van Bommel has been playing. Based on his performances since the january transfer window, he deserves a contract extension. Another great bargain signing from Galliani.

Janku-WHAT ??

Jankulovski, for his first game of the season, pulled off an “Oddo”. He’s widely considered a useless part of the team, but with all the injuries, amazingly enough Allegri managed to motivate him and the guy played well enough to give his best performance in years.

After Pato’s goal, the first two players who ran across to congratulate him were Robinho and Cassano. 2 players who are virtually competing with Pato for the attacking positions. This is what Milanista’s want to see in our beloved Milan. A well knit dressing room. Seems like Allegri has his ship running smooth and the brotherhood is tight. The players have nothing but nice things to say about Allegri and more importantly the brotherhood is evident on the field.

It was also great to see that it took Kevin Prince Boateng barely any time to adapt to the play and score one goal. That too after being injured for such a long time. Milan fans would be hoping that he stays for long at san siro.

Juventus must be shitting bricks now and Leonardo must be regretting joining Inter. Inter may have a easier schedule for the rest of the season but a Milan team firing like this can stop only by themselves.