Cesc Fabregas transfer to Milan still on ?

Yesterday it was confirmed that Thiago Alacantra the new Fabregas has renewed his contract with Barcelona. It’s to be noted that earlier it was being reported that Barcelona buying Fabregas was the only thing that was keeping him from signing a contract. Did he get some sort of a promise from the club on this ?

Well before all Milanista’s get their ziggy on and think that Fabregas is coming to Milan, the latest news is that Real Madrid have jumped in with a bid of €45m. As retarded as it seems, much worse things have happened in football (Figo to madrid). Arsenal and Arsene Wenger must be chuffed to bits with all these big teams driving up the asking price for Fabregas.

As for the man in contention, Fabregas was supposed to make a public appearance at a football campus in Tordera,Spain but he cancelled as he didn’t want to answer difficult questions being asked by the media. As far as our beloved rossoneri are concerned, i’d Just say that we have an outside chance of landing Fabregas and As much as it would help shirt sales and attracting more new immature fanboys to our club, i’d rather not have him at Milan here.

Milan are again linked to Nasri. Wenger is determined not to let Nasri run out out his one year contract and leave for free at the end of it, like in the case of Flamini a few years ago. Nasri is hot property, Man Utd are interested and apparently so our the Rossoneri. There are reports that claim that Galliani was in Paris yesterday to strike a deal with Nasri’s people. Sometimes it seems like Galliani is in 10 different countries on the same day. Is he Superman in hiding ?

Rossoneri are also connected to yet another Gunner in the form of Denilson, who has struggled and struggled to find some first team action in London. Wenger considers him useless for his purpose and it’s being said that Milan are willing to give him a second chance. This i really hope doesn’t happen. We need to win the Champions League not the italian cup.

The Hamsik saga goes on and on, with the latest news being that Milan already have an agreement with Hamsik. The only thing remaining is the deal with Napoli. Milan have all in all good relations with Napoli and there are no road blocks as such. There’s a certain twist in this deal tho. Milan who were interested in singing Kucka from Genoa next year want to sign him this year and send him on a Loan to Napoli in return for getting a good price for Hamsik.

Milan have already established good relations with Genoa and are likely to Steal Kucka from under Inter’s nose. He goes to Napoli for a year and we get Hamsik. that’s a good deal i would say but Napoli just can’t expect us to pay €30m for Hamsik. The negotiations are underway though as Richard Bigon, sports director at Napoli was spotted at the hilton in milan yesterday. Another Lunch for Galliani i suppose ?

Allegri seems to have a huge hard on for Hamsik it seems. Yesterday Massimo Oddo, came out saying the usual stuff that footballers say. “Allegri holds Hamsik in high regard and would be great to have him at milan blah blah etc etc.” What i want to know is, Why has Oddo not being sold to QPR yet ??

Milan are hot on the trails of Ogbonna, the latest italian hotshot defender. Now the good relations between Galliani and Cairo have enabled us to see off any competition from Juventus or Inter for Angelo however quietly and suddenly the Sheikhs have struck again. Man City have put in a €20m bid for Ogbonna it seems and as much as our friends in Turin love us, they will be very hesitant to say no to 20 mil, even though it means spoiling their good relations with Milan.

Milan are offering Turin €10m Plus young players like Coppola and/or Strasser (who Torino like) on a Co-ownership basis. Also included in the deal is the clause enabling Ogbonna to play another season at Torino, thereby helping them to achieve promotion next season. This is a good deal as far as Milan are concerned but someone tell that to Man city.

Chelsea have opened talks of a new contract with Didier Drogba after it was reported that his old club Marseille publicly declared that they have the resources and the inclination to bring him back to France. Are Milan out of the race now ? Either ways doesn’t affect us.

Sokratis Papastathopoulos, who just moved back to Genoa is being courted by Werder Bremen and he suddenly seems open to the idea. So does that mean that even Genoa don’t think he’s worthy of a First team Place ? That’s quite a fall from grace, considering that when he was “playing” (sort of) for rossoneri he wouldn’t even consider Werder Bremen. Well good luck to him anyways.

Speaking of our Younger players now. Albertazzi has moved to Getafe on loan. What’s not reported is wether he has moved to Getafe ‘A’ team or the Getafe ‘B’ who play in the third division. Either ways we all hope that he gets good playing time so that in a few years he can come back and be a valuable defensive asset for us.

Strasser our star for the future is being hotly courted by Novara and Torino. Since we want Ogbonna out of Torino, it’s likely that we will probably agree to him moving there on a year long loan. Either ways he gets First team experience and that’s what he requires now.

Not a day passes by when there’s not a new comment on the Ganso situation. The latest word from Brazil is that : – “Ganso will not move until 2012″. It’s like the parrot which pulls out a new card everyday with a statement on it.

The TV Right meeting for SerieA teams happened yesterday, and a huffing puffing angry Adriano Galliani emerged out of it, after taking a €9m hit in terms of TV Revenue for the upcoming season. As usual he was immediately asked by reporters of all the transfer targets that Milan are supposed to sign this window. He denied all of them in a visibly pissed off manner and walked off. Poor Galliani, Berlusconi needs to throw him a Bunga-Bunga party.

Napoli wants €30m for Hamsik.Braida Meets Ganso’s People.

At least in the past few days one thing has been made clear that Milan want Hamsik and he’s also very open to the idea. Yesterday Cesare Maldini went on record saying that Hamsik could be the missing link between Milan and Champions League title. Fan opinion is divided about Hamsik, what with choices like Ganso and Fabregas being rumored about.

Napoli put a tag of €40m on Hamsik, which even a child would say is simply ridiculous. Do they even remember how we bought Ibra last season ? and they still expect us to pay €40m ? Heck Galliani and Raiola will buy their whole team in €40 m. Eventually Napoli have put a tag of €30m on Hamsik however Milan are unlikely to be offering anything more than €25m.

With Hamsik likely to be gone, Palermo are in a hurry to force Pastore down Napoli’s throat for €40m, of course on a installment basis. Since there have been multiple reports out of italy linking Pastore to Napoli, they are in turn strengthening the logic that Hamsik is now a go-go and most probably to Milan.

Another report claimed that since Hamsik wants only Milan, we will throw in Urby Emmanuelson for Napoli so that the loss of Hamsik isn’t too hard on them, however Urby’s agent has denied that his client wants to go anywhere else.

Ariedo Braida had a meeting with Gaetano Paolillo earlier this evening at Giannino. Paolillo is an agent whose primary work area is South America, Brazil to be specific. He’s close to a lot of in demand Brazilian Talent including Ganso and Danilo, 2 players that Milan are interested in. Nothing official has been reported yet but apart from Danilo’s availability and Ganso’s price there’s nothing else left to discuss. Perhaps Paolillo can be our Raiola in South America.

As far as Danilo is concerned, Milan are definitely interested however all depends on the Non-EU quota hearing on the 5th of July. Milan are unlikely to make any big moves before that.

In any case it’s expected that Braida will fly to Argentina to watch Brazil’s first Copa America game and the final call or a bid on Ganso would be made post that. It seems that Milan might be a bit concerned about his injuries,otherwise this deal for Ganso shouldn’t have taken so long.

Continuing with dinner plans, Galliani met Preziosi again for dinner. These two seem to be breaking a lot of bread together, if the transfer market wasn’t open i’d say that they were having an affair or something. Anyways Milan are interested in Kucka and so are Inter, hence it’s likely that Galliani went to warm Preziosi up to the idea of giving us Kucka in 2012, which is a great idea for both the parties. Also on the table could be a plan to bring Vidal to Milan through Genoa as was done in Boateng’s case last year.

It’s also reported that , IF and only if, teams in SerieA are allowed to register 2 non-EU players (post the 5th July hearing) then Galliani will finish the deals for Ganso/Danilo or Vidal as Taiwo is most likely to get a French Passport. The interesting part is that, it’s being reported that after that Galliani,Braida and Raiola will then go to london to talk about Cesc and only and if only Cesc says “yes he would like to play for Milan” then Galliani will talk to Berlusconi about how to buy him. As we have always maintained, everything depends on Barcelona and Milan, in order to maintain healthy relations, have been willing to let them have the first shot.

Although the latest reports say that Barcelona are a bit concerned about Fabregas’ fitness. It just seems like a silly ploy to reduce the asking price however after showing their undying love for Fabregas publicly for a few years now, no mind game will make Arsenal lower their asking rate at all. Barcelona need a class from Galliani in Transfer 101.

In other irrelevant news, Oneywu has moved to Sporting Lisbon for free.For free ?? well he had two years left on his contract, and it’s a mystery to me why he was let go for free ? Milan could’ve made a little cash on this. Is this a ploy to create some sort of feeder club relations with Sporting ? I surely hope so.

And Lastly Milan have been linked again with Angelo Ogbonna, the young promising italian Defender who was of prime interest to Arsenal not so long ago. the interesting thing is that although Ogbonna plays in serie B and is only 23, he was recently called up to the Senior Italy squad by Prandelli. that must certainly he’s one to look out for in the future.

Fabregas won’t Milan to come But Hamsik will.

BBC reports that Arsenal are willing to sell Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona BUT for a price. Barcelona who were submitting £40 m bid’s last season and getting rejected have submitted a £27m bid for Cesc earlier this month only to see it get rejected again. Barcelona’s argument is that since Cesc has not as many years left on his contract as he did last year his value has gone down now, however Arsenal who see Fabregas as a great prospect for the future refuse to accept a lower price. Barcelona are now willing to submit a bid of around £35m to buy him and are even cutting back on the club’s office supplies to buy fabregas. Wonder if they will cut back on toilet paper to free up money for his £5mn+ a year wages.

Barcelona are so confident of this move that they have already begun talks with one of Europe’s leading sports agencies over maximizing the commercial opportunities of Fabregas’ potential homecoming. Commercial benefit yes, image rights benefitting yes but where the hell are they going to fit him into their side ?

As Always Milan were second choice to Barcelona and when it come to Cesc Fabregas Galliani was smartly waiting and watching what moves Barcelona would make. As we said yesterday when it comes to Fabregas to Milan, everything depended on Barcelona and their actions. Now that both the parties have made it clear that a deal is possible at the right price, the chances are little that Fabregas will come to Milan.

if reports are to be believed, Arsenal wants £45 million for Cesc Fabregas. They’re not going to sell him for £30 million and they’re not going to take players in return like Milan wanted. Also not to forget, Cesc makes about £100,000 per week in salary. With the Fair Play financial rules coming into effect soon and already being monitored, Milan simply aren’t going to shell out that sort of money.

On top of everything there is no guarantee that Fabregas would be willing to make the move. He has made it clear that he loves Arsenal and won’t force them to sell him, even to Barcelona, and he has never expressed a particular desire to play for Milan or in Italy (he only answered a question asking him IF he were to play in Italy, which team would he choose). Finally, Arsenal don’t need to sell him at all. It’s only last summer that they signed a contract with him that ties them together until 2015. They can comfortably wait for their price and if they get their price it isn’t going to be in three easy installments as Milan are used to doing.

Milan would be stupid to break the bank in such a dramatic manner for a player who is as injury-prone as Fabregas. No doubt he can be a great player when healthy, however in reality he only started 25 league games last season and didn’t play that brilliantly most of the time he was in there scoring only three goals. f Milan were to meet Arsenal’s price, it would be more for the publicity than for the team. There are other players who would fit just as well — maybe better — who would be less of an injury risk and would come much cheaper.

It should also be understood that Milan doesn’t need to have the biggest name players to win the Champions League. That’s not how teams are built. The key is to have the right players for your system, not necessarily the biggest names. No doubt Cesc Fabregas would fit nicely into the left side of Milan’s midfield And Italy is bound to suit him well because the effects of his lack of pace would be minimized. But there are dozens of players who could be excellent fits for the same position. To pin all your hopes and dreams on one particular player is not reasonable.

In Other news Hamsik, in an interview to a Slovak newspaper proclaimed that moving to AC Milan would be a step forward in his yet trophy-less career. Of course in the typical footballer-being-politically-correct way he proclaimed his love for Napoli and all the learning he has done there however in the same breath he admitted that to deny Milan would be a wrong move.

This has of course pissed off the Napoli fans and it’s now reported that more than 80% of Napoli’s ultra’s want him out. Napoli board are showing him no mercy too and are blaming the influence of Mino Raiola for all these new comments. What’s certain is that they will want their price and are unlikely to lower the asking rate. Galliani and Raiola have played their games right and got Hamsik to admit publicly that he wants out however does it mean that Napoli have the upper hand ? With the player who wants out and a club that is interested ? This is not going to be a 3 year installment deal at any cost. Can Galliani turn this into another successful intra league partnership, like with Genoa ?

Lastly in rather irrelevant news Oguchi Onyewu is likely to move to Standard ligue or Sporting Lisbon. Yes he is still with us. Yes nobody still bothers to call him to any trainings. All we will remember him for is the fight he picked up with Ibra.

Fabregas,Ganso,Danilo,Lamela and Milan

The pattern is so similar that you can virtually play a game of “fill in the banks” with the news of Milan’s transfer activity int he market. It typically goes like this :
Milan, looking for one or two players to bolster the midfield have identified ___________ of ___________ football club as the ideal reinforcement.

The latest one’s have linked us with Park ji sung of Manchester United. Strange isn’t it, considering he has been one of their vital engines last season. Then how did this abrupt report get published ? Let’s see. The transfer market this season is a dead horse. No big name transfers, no player snatching, no scandalous movements. Pretty much nothing but “report” and rumors. Fans are bored, press has nothing to write and for the common good of both someone has to make something out of nothing right ?

Goal.com and papers like Marca lead the way in this activity. Park ji Sung recently said that he ‘might’ have to move in a few years from Man Utd as it takes a lot to perform like he does after a certain age. So our dear “reports and rumor” writers took out their pen and just connect a few random dots here and there. Fans get something to read and argue about and websites get some hits.

Park Ji Sung to Milan is as ridiculous as Pele making a right prediction. However in a strange way more and stauncher rumors are flying about Cesc Fabregas coming to Milan. He’s the big statement Galliani and Berlusconi want to make to the Milanistas. Barcelona have made a €30m bid for him to get it rejected. Will Milan top it ? Berlusconi is capable of anything. What’s certain is that Cesc doesn’t want to rot at Arsenal for another season. Milan to maintain cordial relations with everyone (in this case Barcelona) are probably waiting for them to make all their moves and will probably get things rolling in mid-august in case all the Barcelona moves have failed.

Bronzetti the transfer guru has confidently proclaimed that Milan will Sign Ganso. Let run through some of the older prediction made by Mr.Bronzetti

– Maicon to Real Madrid is No Go (start of last season)
– Amauri – Gilardino swap is No Go (start of last season)
– Ronaldinho will not leave Milan (start of last season)
– Amauri will not leave Juve (star of last season)
– Ronaldinho to Milan possible (2008)
– Ibrahimovic will not leave inter (2009)
– Forecasted the arrival of Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo to Madrid
– Benzema will not leave madrid for Juve (dec 2010)
– Royston drenthe will not join Fiorentina (dec 2010)
– Inter will sign Eto’o (2009)
– Baptista will go to Roma (2008)

Based on these past predictions and what happened eventually, you can make your mind up wether Bronzetti is to be believed or not, however keep in mind that in the past he has been the go to guy for many of Milan’s transfer moves, and if he says that Ganso will come then Will he come ? In my opinion it all depends of the hearing scheduled this week to decide wether 2 non-EU spots rule should be allowed back for italian teams and also if Taiwo can mange to get his EU passport. If both those things happen then Milan can go for Ganso and another non EU player (Danilo, Vidal).

Speaking of non EU, also on Milan’s radar is Danilo, Ganso’s team mate at Santos and considered to be the new Maicon, however Benfica are interested in him and he in them. If Milan want to move then it has to be quick coz as we all know that when player go to Portuguese teams they go for 10m and come out at 30m.

Continuing with the “Lets link a midfielder to Milan” game, another new and unknown payer to be linked to Milan is the italian born spanish midfielder Thiago Alcantara. he currently plays for Barcelona ‘b’ and wait for it ….. Is considered the new Cesc Fabregas. Is this ironic or what ? Nonetheless the one to watch out for.

In a riot laden and chair throwing atmosphere River Plate as predicted got relegated to the second division for the first time in the club’s history. It of course was not taken well by fans at all who continued to riot and throw things all around the stadium as expected. Does River in the second division mean that Erik Lamela will leave ? And if so will Milan make a move for him ? A lot remains to be seen in this snail’s pace of a transfer market.

Ganso wants to stay at Santos and Amelia says no to Cagliari

A few nights ago in a Milanese hotel, Ariedo Braida was seen with Pantaleo Corvino. Corvino is a director at Fiorentina and it is understood that one of the topics discussed was Antonio Cassano. Although Cassano and agent have proclaimed that he desires to stay at san siro this coming season, however speculation has been fierce about his desire for guaranteed first team football especially since he wants to make the National team for Euro 2012. It’s obvious to even a child that Cassano is not guaranteed first team football with the rossoneri. The Other speculation is that they were discussing Ricardo Montolivo.

Michael Essien is the latest player to be linked to the Rossoneri. It seems Villas-Boas is not too keen on Essien and sees him as a surplus to the First team. It seems that by the time the transfer window shuts we would’ve been linked to virtually every midfielder in the top European and south american leagues.

Thiago Silva made a statement that he will get back to Milan and have a talk with Galliani. Recently, Silva had made a comment that Barcelona were after him and that he would give them consideration. It was clear that this is an attempt to get a better wages package even though he just signed a new contract with Milan till 2016. Perhaps coming of Mexes whose earning a lot more than him had something to do with it.

Anyways what we understand by his most recent statement is that, Galliani must’ve got pissed that Silva made such statements to the press and expressed his displeasure. Silva and agent realised that the worst thing to do is make Galliani angry and decided that once he is back in Milan he will clear out the air and make peace with Galliani. So relax Milanistas, the talk he is going to have has got nothing to do with a transfer.

Yesterday we reported that a swap of goalkeepers was going to happen between Milan and Cagliari with Amelia going there and Marchetti coming here. The latest news is that Amelia has refused this transfer and has said that he will only leave the rossoneri for Roma. Perhaps we should just offer him to Roma and buy Marchetti with that money who is already out of favor at Cagliari since the last year. With this development it looks like that Marchetti will end up at Lazio who have the hots for him.

Mino Raiola has been in touch with Richard Bigon, the sports director at Napoli. The topic on the table has most probably been Marek Hamsik who has been a target of Milan for a while now. Milan have been having issues with Napoli overpricing the player and expressing unwillingness to sell him. As in the past , Mino Raiola is the guy Milan send when a transfer situation becomes difficult. The last official word on hamsik from Milan was that he is not required at san siro. Well that’s what they said about Ibra last year.

The Chilean newspaper Tarcera has reported that Fernando Felicevich, Agent of Arturo Vidal was spotted in Milan recently. Milan have been reported to have a sudden interest in Vidal and some even report that talks are on their way. Leverkusen, where Vidal struts his stuff are willing to sell him to any team abroad and have put a price tag of €15m on him. Looks like Milan can only sign him if the 2 non-EU player comes into play.

There are more twists and turns in the Milan-Ganso saga than there at silverstone. Both the parties have been to and fro with their statements. The latest statement that comes from Ganso after the Copa libertadores press conference is that he wants to stay at Santos and win mroe trophies. this contradict his previous comment that he wants to move to europe after the Copa. This simply means that some roadblock has been hit in the Ganso-Milan talks and both sides are just playing mind games with each other.

Thiago silva, in the last interview where he stated that he is staying at Milan till 2016, also stated that Ganso will come. Robinho, his ex team mate at santos has also said that Milan should buy Ganso. The real situation ? Only Galliani knows.

Lastly Keeping the “hunt for youngsters” trend going at Milan, Velez Sarsfield’s Ricardo Alvarez is the latest youth prospect to be linked to Milan. As you can see in the video below he has shown great promise and is already courting attention from Arsenal, Inter, Roma and Milan.

Astori to Cagliari and Marchetti to Milan

In the last few days it has become a bit apparent that Milan are looking for an efficient backup to Ibra. If Cassano leaves and Paloschi goes on loan, then we are left with Pato and Inzaghi as the only forwards capable of consistently scoring goals. Despite an arsenal of classy forwards at his disposable Allegri still would struggle for a dominating presence on the field of someone like Ibra.

The latest news is that we are linked with Amauri who has a year left with Juventus and is likely to be sold off. Amauri had a terrible time during the first half of the season with Juventus where he barely scored anything however he did redeem himself when he was loaned out to Parma and netted 7 goals in 11 games. Parma would like to keep of course but for his €4m a year salary. Milan are apparently ready to offer him a €2.5 m per year and given his brazilian-italian nationality the EU restrictions shouldn’t be a problem which they will be if we try and acquire Drogba.

Secondly Davide Astori has been sold to Cagliari. It was being reported that Milan and Cagliari are fighting for Astori and things might go to the blind auction however it is now being revealed that days before the June 24th deadline Milan and Cagliari have agreed on a €4m fee and It’s bye bye Astori. Some extra money which will come in handy for buying big name players. It seems like we are building some sort of a relationship with Cagliari as its also being reported that Milan and Cagliari are set for a straight swap between goalkeepers Amelia and Marchetti.

The main problem being Amelia’s unwillingness to play second fiddle to Abbiati all season, whereas Marchetti who was not so long ago labeled as the next great italian talent will be more than happy to wait it out on the bench to prove his worth. The players have agreed to the move and it’s bye bye Marco Amelia. Speaking of Goodbyes Milan has also sold former youth team prospect Elia Legati to Padova for €1.5m

Well today seems like a day for goodbyes for Milan as it was announced that the deal taking Marco Boriello to Roma is all finalized. Roma have bought him for €10m which will be paid in 3 installments of €3.3m now, €3.2 in 2012 and €3.2 in 2013. Goodbye boriello, you scored some goals for us and showed some talent but you and i know both know you were not Milan material.

The next rumor is about our dear traitor Leotardo. It seems that he is keep to take Luca Antonioni with him to Paris St.Germain. Antonini was converted into a first team starter by Leonardo in his time at Milan and might be persuaded to move to PSG especially since they would be able to offer him more wages than the €1.2m he earns at Milan every year. It’s likely that he will want to remain at Milan even though PSG with their €150m budget is a very attractive option.

Continuing on their policy of youth recruitment, Milan have signed the 16th year old Roberto Tassi from Brescia who has been called the new Roberto Baggio. After wasting so many years not paying attention to youth development it’s good to see the Milan management looking in the right direction. In the current first team squad it’s a shock to realise that the only players which have come up from the youth team are Ambrosini, Abate and Antonini. Understandable that Milan had a great world class team at that point with great backups however it’s urgent that we focus on the youth.

Which has been good this transfer market yet, with some of our kids being sent out on loans and new promising kids being brought in. Like Shaarawy, who interestingly with remain with us this season instead of being sent out on loan. Could it be that Allegri thinks of him as a first team starter already ?

Berlusconi Owned Mediaset also reported that buying Fabregas might be ” difficult but not impossible”. Well that would bring some hope to fellow Milanista’s as this kind of report wouldn’t come out of Mediaset until it was being commissioned by B or G. Are they expressing interest in him or is this just a ploy to divert attention while they work on some other Mr.X ?

Lastly, the brazilian newspaper folha de S.Paulo reported that Ganso has been taking Italian lessons for a few months now. That should be enough to Make many a Milanistas Jizz their Pants. Ganso played in last night’s copa libertadores final and was phenomenal in the first half and terrible in the second but hey, He’s just coming back from an injury. See the highlights in the video below.

Drogba to Milan and other stories.

Just another usual day in this summer mercato with rumors being churned out by italian newspapers. Since the announcement of El Shaarawy, no other official news has come out from Galliani however Milan have been linked a few new interesting news stories.

The new talk of Ganso is that Milan have the option of getting him and that also at a reasonable discounted rate. However there’s a catch there. Santos still have the hots for Robinho and want him in 2012 for their 100 year celebrations. This deal simply seems unlikely. Robinho played a crucial part in Milan’s Serie A Win last season and though he might not be guaranteed a First team spot (if new midfield reinforcements arrive) this season, his movement and intelligence on pitch remains vital to any team competing for the scudetto and the Champions league.

It would be simply stupid to sell Robinho at this stage of his career where he’s maturing as a player and not doing the shenanigans which saw him exit Real Madrid and Manchester City. Robinho to Neymar would’ve still been acceptable but Robinho to Ganso seems very unlikely.

Villa-Boas has resigned from Porto and looks set for Chelsea. As it happened in the case of Mourinho, Many players are likely to follow him to chelsea. Most prominent among them is Falcao who has blatantly expressed his desire to follow his coach to the big club in the big league. Falcao certainly has proved his worth last season and there have been many big european clubs inquiring about his services. the speculation arising out of this is that Villa-Boas is said to prefer a Torres-Falcao frontline thereby rendering Didier Drogba surplus to requirements. A player like Drogba (who still can score plenty of useful goals in the league and europe) is unlikely to accept a bench seat especially at a club where he has been the center stage hero.

It’s being said that Milan are interested in acquiring Drogba. Well we have been for a while now but a 33 year old center forward ? If this indeed is the case then it’s very obvious that Allegri is looking for someone as a backup for Ibra. This to counter the problem we had when Ibra went on his yearly 3 month slump earlier this year and we were desperately in need for a finisher up front, especially with the absence of Pippo Inzaghi. This could be a good move, if Drogba is content with starting 20 odd games this season.

Speaking of ex-londoners, Flamini wants to stay in Milan now. He has been nothing special ever since he has come and if he were to leave today then fans would only remember him for lunatic tackles and bad finishing. However he did shine once at Arsenal and was their main man. So could it be that Allegri has found some way to use him more effectively ? According to Gazetta, he will be offered a 3 year contract with €2.3m per year which is a decrease from his previous €4.5m per year. Another great move by Galliani to bring down the total wage bill.

Strengthening Milan-Genoa ties further comes the news that Milan are going to sign Arturo Vidal the same way they signed Boateng last season. Arturo Vidal plays at Bayer Leverkusen in Bundesliga and has been the love interest of Bayern Munich for a while now. however Leverkusen with their Bundesliga wining ambition don’t want to sell him to a rival and will only let him go abroad. Well all depends on the player in the end and Leverkusen are not particularly in any financial duress to want this desperately.

The new development in the Milan-Napoli Hamsik/Lamela saga is that Milan are going to buy Lamela for €10m, deal him on an co-ownership deal with Napoli and use that to bargain for Hamsik. Firstly Lamela for ten million euros would be a good deal and that is quite possible given the financial mess River Plate are in right now and with their possible relegation any upper hand they held in this negotiation is completely lost. Lamela is bound to leave. However selling half of Lamela to Napoli is something that is bound to make plenty of Milanista’s uncomfortable. Unlike Genoa we don’t have any particular friendly understanding with Napoli.

Now onto young italian stars. Newly promoted Novara want Paloschi on loan from us. It’s usually a good move for a young player to get some first team experience however Novara are expected to spend most of their time at the bottom of the serie A and loaning a striker to a club which will spend most their time defending seems pretty useless. It will work in the case of Strasser who will gain valuable midfield experience when he turns out for Novara this season but for Paloschi i doubt it.

Lastly, Milan are in for buying Andrea Poli, the long proclaimed heir to the throne of Pirlo. The reports say that Milan are going to buy Poli and then loan him out to Cagliari. Could this be to persuade Cagliari to accept a reasonable price for Davide Astori ? In any case this would be a good move as Poli is young and could use some first team experience before he turns out in the red and black shirt.

Fabregas To milan and other Midfield stories !

One fine day in august 2009, news was floating all around that Milan will sign Cesc Fabregas and all plans were apparently in place to announce the signing on the coming monday. Andrea pirlo was to move to Chelsea and Cesc would don the red and black colors. A yummy preposition for Milanista’s however it turned out a wee bit different as we all are aware.

Pirlo has moved on, Cesc stays in London and Milanista’s Still hope Cesc would arrive. It would seem very likely if it wasn’t for the Deep Mutual love that exists between Cesc and Barcelona. They have both spent the last few transfer markets planning the coup and confessing publicly their love for each other. There would be no hope of Cesc going anywhere else. He wants to return home, His National team mates want him to come back to where he started from and it was all pretty certain that Cesc is going back. Milanista’s were resigned to the loss of the Cesc.

When the current transfer market opened Barcelona announced publicly that their transfer kitty is a mere €45m euros and Now that Barcelona have more or less bought Alexis Sanchez and also spent 2/3 of their transfer kitty while doing it, there are a few who believe that barcelona are left with the money to spend on Cesc Fabregas.

Milanista’s have been hopeful of landing Fabregas especially given that huge hard on Mr.Galliani has for him. That combined with Berlusconi’s promises of a ‘star signing’ made speculation mills running over time and the verdict in unison was Cesc Fabregas.

Then came the announcement that super agent Raiola has been in London since January trying to hookup a important transfer for the rossoneri and it was like every milanista’s wet dream came true. For a moment it looked like we had Cesc. The only problem in this story is the frequent confessions of Cesc about his undying love for Barca and Barca’s two way talk.One day they want the prodigal son to return home the next day they cry about the lack of funds this season.

Not only is this a cliffhanger for Barca supporters but more so for Milanista’s. Barca still have some great creative midfielders in possession while we have an army of defensive midfielders with as much creativity as a disney pop star.

There is no immediate solution unfortunately. Arsenal want €40m+ , Barca want Fabregas and can very easily conjure up the money by selling one of their surplus players (Villa, Bojan etc.), Milan want Cesc but will not go into a bidding war and in all likeliness Galliani would be very interested in working out some sort of an installment deal (Ibra deal anyone ?).

The latest rumor is that Fabregas has sent his agent to arrange the final details of the contract that will bind him to milan for 5 years at 5 mil per season. Arsenal have accepted our offer – €35m payable in 3 installments + Emanuelson (rated €8 + mil) + €5m in bonuses. As ridiculous as most fans think this to be, it is probably how it will go down if Cesc really wants to come to Milan.

But if Cesc Fabregas comes, what are the chances of him not crying Barcelona tears again 2 years down the line ? Galliani is not stupid though. He understands this and much more than us mere mortals could fathom. Milan have been linked to each and every other midfielder this and that side of the pond, however most prominently it has been with Ganso, Hamsik and Lamela.

Ganso was very close to coming to Milan but for his frequent injury problems which planted seeds of doubt in Galliani’s mind. However His people have been sighted time and again in Milan and rumors are still flying.

Hamsik was thought to be packing bags for Milan in an exchange transfer with Antonio Cassano but there have been no further movements and new reports have emerged saying that he doesn’t want to move and neither do Napoli want him to, especially now that they will be playing in europe and have a chance of bringing those old glory times back to naples.

Hamsik transfer to Milan ?

The only development in the Erik lamela story is that River Plate are playing in the Relegation playoff’s. If River do get relegated Lamela is unlikely to want to stay in Argentina especially given the tremendous amount of interest in his services, primarily by the Rossoneri.

What is certain is that we certainly won’t be seeing Prince boateng playing as a creative attacking midfielder all season and Milan are sooner or later bound to sign up one if not more creative midfielders. Who that’s going to be is a big question and in typical Galliani style will be revealed sometime in late august. Utter torment for Fans but Mr.Galliani as long as you get us a world class player we are not complaining.

Liverpool want Cassano and Ancelotti turns down inter

Another day of virtual non activity in the transfer market for Milan. However as we know it’s very tough for a club as glorious as ours to not be in the news.

So apparently Carlo Ancelotti was contacted through sky sports by inter for the soon to be vacant coach position but as expected Ancelotti said no. Inter have been desperate to steal one of our prized possessions (current or past) ever since we stole the likes of Pirlo, Ibra, Seedorf from them. All they have managed to steal is Leotardo who has not only failed in his terrible flirtation with coaching, but in the process he has made majority of Milanista’s his enemy and is now contemplating a ‘highly desirable’ move to paris st.Germain ! Seriously …the French Ligue ?? Anyways Bravo For Carlo.

Turns out that Liverpool want Cassano and Cassano wants to play in england. Playing second fiddle behind Ibra, Robinho and Pato can’t be a lucrative option for Cassano and it must be hard and any coach in the world would struggle to fit 4 World class forwards into any formation (except Leotardo perhaps). ‘Should we let Cassano go’ is a very debatable topic in the Milan circles. He’s italian, he’s got character, he’s passionate and he loves Milan. Fans love him and to be fair he’s scored some important goals and made some crucial assists in the latter half of this season. However , he has not managed to be 100% fit in these 6 months at Milan. And that, in spite of being around the world famous Milan Lab which has for some time now been prolonging careers of many a fading players by a year or two.

Milan could sell Cassano and make a handsome profit , especially if it happens with those stupid money throwing English clubs. Milan might have bought him for peanuts however he remains a world class talent and could fetch Milan anywhere close to the €15-20m. Any Milanista would agree that Milan could buy a lot of players from that money especially now that we are rebuilding our squad to win the Champions league next season. Do we sell cassano ? or do we wait for him to become Fully fit. Everyone knows what he is capable of once that pot belly of his disappears.

In other good news, it seems like our primavera talents , Simone Romagnoli, Michelangelo Albertazzi and Simone Verdi have been sent out on loans. They are among those few Primavera youngsters from whom much is expected and it’s obvious that at a Huge club like Milan they won’t be getting much playing time. Just Like Alexander Merkel who has been sent to Genoa to get some playing time, Verdi has been send to Olhanense in the Portuguese Second division. Some might argue that verdi is too young and should play in primavera for another year, Well Galliani knows best.

Albertazzi who last season reached the Semi finals of the Primavera Coppa Italia is likely to move to Bari who play in Serie B this season. Simone Romagnoli who had a great season at Foggia last year coached by the notorious Zdenek Zeman is being courted by Reggina. Great moves by Galliani, Milan certainly need to develop their young. Look at what it did for barcelona.

Lastly It appears that Erik Lamela, Long being courted by Milan and touted the next whoever, is now being courted by Napoli. Is it because Napoli are resigned to Losing Hamsik to Milan ? It was always deemed that Lamela though he remains a hot prospect for the future is too young to simply walk into Milanello and take his place in the first 11. It was clear since day one of the mercato that milan need a super creative midfielder who can make hollywood long through balls from day 1. Could it be and this is a huge speculation,-that Milan are signing Hamsik and Letting Napoli take over Lamela ? As with everything There is bound to be a huge divide between fans over this.

Milan and inter also interested in singing Juraj Kucka from Genoa. The deal will involve letting the player run out another season at Genoa before lapping him up in 2012. Well, Inter always got to have what we want. They are worse than manchester city, who by the way have a sudden new found interest in El Shaarawy. Well too bad, he’s already ours. They can have Seedorf for €56m and we will throw in Oddo for free. All Milanista’s will agree to this transfer for sure. Now if only Inter would appoint Dunga as their coach this transfer season would be complete.

EL Shaarawy, Merkel and AC Milan

Things are moving slowly and gradually in the mercato. The news trickled out that we have signed Stephen El Shaarawy on a co ownership deal. virtually unknown to most people in the world let alone People who watch Serie A, he’s a great future prospect owned by Genoa who possesses great pace and technique. He is often seen as the new midfield hope of italian football and has played a great role in Padova’s performance in the serie B last season.

Not much is known about this player however a few days back he played in Padova’s Serie B playoff match against Varese where they came from behind to draw 3-3. EL shaarawy managed to score two goals for his team.

The great relationship that has existed between Genoa and Milan has continued this year with Milan’s purchase of Boateng. It has continued in that manner now that Shaarawy is co owned by Milan and in return Merkel goes on a co ownership deal to Genoa. Since his few first team appearances last season Merkel is looked upon as a great new midfield hope and Milanisti expect a lot of exciting things from him, but lets face it, He was barely going to get much playing time in the first 11.

Loaning him to Genoa not only will strengthen the Milan-Genoa relationship but also ensure that our rising star can gain first team experience. A lot of Milanisti are worried that we might have to pay a premium to Genoa when we want to buy him back, and it will indeed be a bitter sweet situation if he develops rapidly and we end paying a premium for him. Well given the relationship between the clubs it seems highly unlikely.

That situation has already played out in the case of Prince Boateng however Milan never ended up paying any premium for him. That’s more the taste of Man city and the oil funded russian clubs. We are milan and the shiny bald head won’t let an extra penny drop out of his pocket. Co-ownerships are usually done between clubs which already have a good relationship existing. And in most cases an unofficial (a gentleman’s promise) agreement is already drawn up as to how it will all end up. This is simply a win win deal for both the clubs. Remember, Galliani knows what he is doing.

Merkel, who currently is too young,will get good first team experience, hopefully dazzle us with his performances and be back in a couple of years to grace the Milan first 11. If he turns out to be Shite then of course we can sell him to Genoa on a permanent basis.Win Win.