Milan Vs Internacional: Highlights

Pato Goal Vs Internacional

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Goal Vs Internacional

Zlatan Ibrahimovic VS Bayern Munich – Audi Cup

Taye Taiwo VS Arjen Robben – audi cup

Things Galliani and Allegri should have learned aftre the Audi Cup Game with Bayern

The bad things

– Our Players are old. Gattuso cannot be a starter and Ambrosini cannot be expected to last the whole game at an acceptable work rate.

– Cassano is still not in great shape. He’s fallen from grace faster than Ronaldinho could say “Party” !

– Boateng is NOT a creative attacking midfielder – At Best, he’s a high energy ball winning midfielder. He put up an atrocious, cocky performance yesterday where all his “dazzling” skills did was manage to loose the ball.

– Antonini should really be a backup. We still need a new fullback

The Good things

– Ibra is In Top form

– We have Robinho to change and shuffle the Dynamics of a game

– Taiwo is Ready !

Milan VS Bayern – Audi Cup Highlights

Ibrahimovic Goal Vs Bayern

Milan VS Bayern : Stream Link

Milan Vs Bayern Link 1
Milan Vs Bayern Link 2

Milan Transfer News – July 26th 2011

Milan Transfer News – July 26th 2011

Tim Payton is on the board of AST(Arsenal Supporters Trust) and handles corporate communications and public affairs. He has confirmed on his Twitter that the coming ten days are the most important ten days in the history of Arsenal transfers. A lot can be read into it and the Media and the blogs have left no rumor stone left unturned.

I could write one thousand words about all the transfer rumors that are supposedly connected to Milan but then there would be no difference between this sit and rubbish sites like Instead what we will do is sum up the situation real fast.

Fabregas’ to Milan rumors

– Milan have an agreement with Arsenal to match their evaluation of Fabregas
– Milan are waiting for Barcelona’s negotiations to completely break down with Arsenal (why are we waiting if we can pay full price ? )
-Barcelona has been relying on Fabregas’ desire to return to Barcelona and as a result offered a cut price deal. that as anyone can see has backfired consistently.
-Fabregas will arrive in Late august (which seems to be everybody’s favorite rumors.

THe Truth : Barcelona still lead the race. Once they fail we will start some real negotiations and are also likely to throw in some players in the deal. There’s abut a 30% chance that Milan will sign Fabregas.

Kaka to Milan rumors

-It’s being reported that Mourinho wants to get rid of Kaka after his average display during Madrid’s friendly tour of america.
-Milan are keen to get him back and are waiting for a green light from Real Madrid

The Truth : Madrid are unlikely to Loan Kaka to Milan and also pay 50% of his wages,as is being reported.

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