Official : ACMilan sign Antonio Nocerino

ACMilan have signed 26 year old Antonio Nocerino from Palermo for €2.7m (plus half of Milan youngster Ferreira) on a 5 year contract

Ganso ‘s goal VS Sao Paulo 28/8/2011

Kaka’s Goal |Real Madrid VS Zaragoza 29/8/2011

Is Ricardo Kaka coming back to Milan ?

kaka back to milan

Can Kaka come ? Will Kaka come ? Kaka should not come ? Kaka we love you, come back ! Will madrid let him go for cheap ?

These are some of the thoughts that have been going through the minds of the huge community of rossoneri fans since last week. Rumors are flying but Galliani in his typical style, is silent. Especially about Kaka.

The latest we hear is that Milan have Put in a ridiculous bid of €15m for kaka. Around the same time news comes flying that Madrid will not accept nothing lees than €50m for the Brazilian. What’s certain is that contact has been made between Milan and Madrid, between two old friends for the man in Question, Ricardo Kaka.

The Brazilian connection

The ever involved Brazilian media had earlier mentioned that , when Pato and Barbara were in Brazil on their little romantic summer vacation, she was bombarded with calls from Caroline, Kaka’s wife, urging Barbara to look into the matter of Kaka’s return.

Now of course, this little gossip between girls alone can’t make transfers happen, However it’s interesting to note that Kaka has the unanimous support of the whole Milan Squad. From old senators to the new stars, everyone wants Kaka back. Heck when Silvio finds some time away from all of his Bunga Bunga parties, he too must breed a deep desire to have the prodigal son back !

    So then, what is the problem ?

Kaka seems to be on the fringe of a Madrid Squad which already has a midfielder too many. He’s still a good player who incidentally was third in the list behind Messi and CR9 when it came to Goals involvement last season. On top of that he’s still a marketable name who would sell a lot of Merchandise and certainly has good 2-3 seasons ahead of him as a top player. So where lies the problem ?

The problem with the return of Kaka

First off the problem is the Price Tag. Madrid bought him for €69m, Milan want to buy him back for €15m. There is obviously a huge gap. It all depends on wether Madrid are desperate enough to get him off their payroll and accept a very mediocre Milan Bid ? Are they willing incur such a huge loss ?

The second concern is Kaka’s injuries and wether Galliani and Berlusconi are getting him just because they promised the fans one Mr.X, a world class player. Milan fans fear this the most !

There is a concerned group of Milanisti who don’t want kaka back. They are very scared that this would be a repeat of Shevchenko.

Andriy is no doubt a Milan Legend and was the reason behind many years of pandemonium all round San Siro, but once he came back from Chelsea on Loan, he wasn’t the same man. He struggled to make any impact and in the process broke the hearts of many a Rossoneri fans.

Milanisti are afraid that if the same thing were to happen with Kaka, his pristine holier than all image will be charred in their hearts. That combined with his recent injury prone-ness will ensure that this deal is going to be more of a burden than bliss. So what is poor Galliani to do ?

The Conlusion

Galliani and Silvio Promised a champion at the end of last season and now they are expected to deliver. I am certain that the champion Mr.X is going to be none other than Kaka. It’s a pretty easy deal if you look at it.

– Kaka is certainly not the most wanted man at Madrid where everything revolves around CR9.
– Milan can easily take him on Loan with an option to buy.
– Kaka knows Milan and in the homely scenario is bound to flourish.
– Kaka is willing to make th move and even reduce his wages
– Kaka’s family is keen to live in Milan
– Kaka has the unanimous support of the Milan Squad
– Madrid need to reduce their payroll

Will San siro once again echo with the chants of “per vedere segnare kaka” ? We will all know, come first of september.

Milan Vs Juventus – Trofeo Berlusconi : Extended Highlights

Alberto Aquilani is coming to Milan ?

It seems Milan are very interested in bringing troubled midfielder Alberto Aquilani back to Italy by striking some sort of a , as they say in the corporate world – “Very Cheap” deal with Liverpool. Earlier this week Liverpool said that the £5m+ deal Milan submit for Alberto was embarassing. what in fact is truly embarassing is that Liverpool bought this talented player for £20m+ and haven’t been able to get anything out of him.

Galliani’s evaluation of Aquilani for €7m is very justified, given his current status. However Aquilani is certainly an upgrade for us and for €7m, he would be a steal. If Allegri is asking for him, then surely he has some ideas on how to use him. But a lot of Milanista’s worry. Can Aquilani reach the same levels he once scaled with Roma ? Below are a few video’s of his very recent matches. You be the judge.

Aquilani’s 2011-12 Pre-season Games with Liverpool

Aquilani Vs Valeranga

Aquilani Vs Galatasray

Aquilani Vs Malaysia XI

Why are Milan not signing a Midfielder ?

If Milan’s transfer window activity was a film it would make Narnia 3 seems like an fun flick. Its like a movie which has great promo’s and shows great promise but never releases.

Galliani and Braida spent most of July recruiting youth team players and hot prospects who would, given a lot of things go to plan, will one day shine for Milan or at least prove to be good squad players. Milan fans patiently waited as report after report linked us with almost every decent midfielder in the world.

It felt like we had the pick. Should we go for Ganso, or perhaps Pastore or Maybe Hamsik as he would play better with Cesc. It’s the mid of August and Hamsik is at Napoli and his only chance of coming to the city of Milano is in a blue and black wagon, Ganso is still Samba’ing it up in Brazil. Pastore meanwhile is in Paris and Cesc is already booking plane tickets to Barcelona.

Throughout this, Galliani has maintained that Mr.X will be revealed in the end of august. That’s the only hope that the Milanisti have, even if most of us are left to wonder who this world class Mr.X player would be ?

Galliani also said that they had been working on Mr.X since January. If so, why would you wait till August to announce him ? It’s clear Galliani is waiting for a Cut-Price Deal as usual. We could’ve had Hamsik, Ganso, Pastore etc. But we don’t, coz Galliani refuses to pay the Player’s Full Value. I don’t blame him for it as player values are un-necessarily bloated. However could be that Since last year’s Ibra/Binho Conquest Galliani has become overly confident ?

It can still work to our advantage like it did last year, or it can mean that we lose our key targets (like pastore). The two midfielders that we are realistically linked to as of this moment are Aquilani and Montolivo. Though they can’t be called huge names, they are still a big upgrade over the midfield that Milan possess currently.

However reports in the last 2 days have claimed that Milan are even refusing to pay the odd €10m to acquire Montolivo’s services and would rather get him for free when his contract expires next year.

In a similar vein, Galliani has commented that Kaka cant come to Milan as he would never reduce his asking wages. Well, Mr.Galliani earlier you were saying that Kaka to Milan isn’t possible and now it has already come down to Wage talk ?

After all is said and done i feel that our transfer strategy consists of a few formulas :-

  • If there’s a good deal for a good player available come end of august we will go for it.
  • If kaka agrees to take lesser wages or if Madrid decides to loan him to us we will take him.
  • If Fiorentina/Liverpool reduce the asking price of Montolivo/Aquilani we will take them.
  • Especially Aquilani as he is desperate to play in Italy and pretty much unwanted by the reds.
  • We wait till the last day and we get a good deal. it’s as simple as that.

  • Would these signings be disappointing? To many Milanisti they would be, as Berlusconi had promised us a world class superstar, which none of these are (in case of Kaka – anymore). However on the positive side any of these would be a big upgrade over what we currently have in our midfield and with a talented coach like Allegri we could expect at least the CL Quarter finals.

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    Cesc Fabregas – 2010-11 Season

    Rumours are consistently increasing that Fabregas might come to Milan. Ignoring them for a moment let’s take a look at a video of Fagregas’ performance last season. Just Imagine him spraying these passes to Ibra nad Pato !

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