Kingsley Boateng Interview with Milan Channel

The Promising youngster from whom much is expected sat with Milan Channel and gave an honest interview.


“Barcelona are nothing but a rival for me – Thiago Silva”

Thiago Silva is the hot property at Milan right now and rumor has it that Along with Barcelona, Madrid are also interested in recruiting him. To the extent that they are willing to offer €30m+ Sergio Ramos for Thiago. Thiago takes this opportunity to refute all these rumors.


Robinho Vs Juventus

Is Robinho Back in Form ?


AC Milan VS Juventus – Full Match Download

Download Links for AC Milan Vs Juventus in English and Russian.


The Top 5 Milan Vs Juventus Matches since 2000

1. Champions League Final 2003

What a match it was at the Theater of Dreams for both the sides then comprised of Future Club Legends. Which self respecting Milanista doesn’t Remember Sheva’s final Penalty which won the big ears for the Rossoneri.

2. Juventus 1 – 3 AC Milan 2003/04

On their way to a 17th Scudetto Win, Milan went to Turin and Trounced Marcelo Lippi’s Bianconeri. The away victory made this even sweeter.

3. AC Milan 3 – 1 Juventus 2005/06

Fabio Capello returned to San Siro with the Bianconeri and Ancelotti’s Milan were ready for them. A Satisfying victory for Carletto against the old boss he never quite got along with.

4. AC Milan 3 – 0 Juventus 2009/10

Just because Inter were dominating post Calciopoli and Milan and Juve were nowhere near the top doesn’t mean that Milan VS Juve wasn’t a fired up clash. This Match had something not witnessed very often by Rossoneri Fans- A Luca Antonini goal.

5. Juventus 0 – 1 AC Milan

Milan were desperate to win the Scudetto after a gap of 7 years and under new coach Allegri it looked like a possible outcome. The only roadblock being the away game VS Juventus, the only other Scudetto Candidates. An Unlikely goal scorer stepped up and eased the worries of Rossoneri.

Billy Costacurta’s Interview in Indonesia

Billy Costacurta’s interviews are as rare as Matches with no Barcelona players diving. So when we got hold of an old Billy interview from 2011, conducted by otherwise useless it was but obvious that we had to translate and publish it here. Presenting Billy Costacurta the shy gentleman and one of the pillars of the legendary Milan Defense. (more…)

Mark Van Bommel Il Giorno Interview 23rd February 2012

Mark Van bommel speaks to Guilio Mola of ‘il giorno’ about The match against Juventus and Coach Allegri among other things.


Thiago Silva’s interview with Corriere on 22 Feb 2012

Before the very crucial Match against Juventus this weekend, Thiago Silva Spoke to Corriere Dello Sport.


Clarence Seedorf Talks to BBC about Champions League

Clarence Seedorf is not a man of Few Words. He Sat with Chris Bevan from BBC and spoke about The future of Champions League


La Grande Storia del Milan: “Da Kilpin al Gre-No-Li” (1899-1958)

Serie di dvd usciti con la Gazzetta dello Sport nel 2005 / A Gazetta Dello Sport Special. The Grande Story of Milan. From the Beginning to the Gre-No-Li Years