Live Transfer updates

Live Transfer updates

AC Milan Vs Sampdoria – Highlights & Full Match Download

Does anybody Care about The Highlights ??

AC Milan Transfer News – August 2012

It’s Galliani Time !! Transfer news from the Crucial month of August

Get To Know – Marco Amelia

Main Aspect Of Your Character - Extrovert
Quality You Like Most In A Man – Sincerity
Quality You Like Most In A Woman – Attention To Detail
Biggest Weakness – Stubborness, Even If It Is A Positive Aspect Of My Character
Your Dream Of Happiness – To Live A Beautiful Life Full Of Wonderful Experiences
What Would Be The Worst Event – Death
Who Would You Like To Be – The Pope
Where Would You Like To Live – Rocca Priora, My Home Town
Favourite Colour – Orange, Because It’s A Mix Of Red And Yellow
Favourite Flower – Narcissus
Favourite Actor – Nicholas Cage
Favourite Super Hero – Mazinga
Actual Hero – In Life My Father
Favourite Musicians – I Grew Up Listening To Claudio Baglioni, But Now I Listen To A Bit Of Everything
Favourite Name – My Son’s Name, Giulio Cesare
What You Hate Most – Poor Manners And Lack Of Respect
A Gift Of Nature you Would Like To Have – I Want Like To Have The Chance To Do Something Important For My Home Town, Rocca Priora
How Would You Like To Die – Without Suffering, And Before My Wife And Children
How Do You Feel Inside Right Now – Relaxed
Human Errors You Can Forgive Most Easily – I Could Forgive A Grave Error If Made By A Great Friend
And Those You Can’t Forgive So Easily – Poor Manners And Lack Of Respect
Your Motto – Live For Today

Get to Know – Ricardo Montolivo

There’s more to New Milan signing Ricardo Montolivo than meets the eyes.


Get To Know – Antonio Nocerino

Thankfully for many fans the Legendary #8 Milan shirt still belongs to a Rino. Nocerino. Is he has rough and tough as our old Bulldog Rino Gattuso? Find out in this short Survey style Interview.