AC Milan News review – Week 1 of 2013

AC Milan News Review – 1/1/2013 – 6/1/2013

The start of 2013 for AC Milan fans wasn’t perhaps as great as most of us had expected. What else can we expect when management is hell bent on selling players without giving us any confidence that adequate replacements will be signed. Like always everything is a rumor. Nothing concrete.

Pato’s agent chose the First day of this new year to officially confirm that the Duck’s transfer to Corinthians is as good as done. In return, Milan get €15m and if we are lucky, a decent percentage of any Future Sale of Pato. Among the fans,opinion on Pato’s exit is still divided,Some wanted him to be given another chance while others can’t wait to forget all about him.

Italian Media loves Milan..

It was the first day of the brand new year and While Superpippo was busy hiding from the paparazzi on the beaches of Miami, Italian media were busy preparing for the Transfer market. That means one thing – Link Every decent player to AC Milan. The usual rumors of Drogba and Balotelli only but gained more momentum, especially when Gazetta and Corriere both reported that Milan will go for not just one but for both of them. Maybe, If Berlusconi’s wife,who just won the €36m a year divorce settlement is willing to pay their wages.

With not much to report, the Papers then decided to link us to Osvaldo and Destro of Roma. Will someone call the offices of Sky and ask them How is that, even a remote possibility ? Why would Roma sell their Future Star (Destro) and a handy goal Scorer (Osvaldo) to us ? Later on Berlusconi commented that Osvaldo was ‘over-age’ for the new Youthful Milan. Osvaldo took no time to point Silvio to the Goal he scored Vs Milan.

Drogba in the meantime got himself an Italian agent to help strike a deal with Milan or Juve.The Media are convinced that Milan will sign Drogba however My guess is that in case Juve fail to get Llorente they will turn their complete attention to Drogba.They know that in any case, They can always offload Matri to us.

For Milan however, Dr.Galliani spent a long time in Brazilian trying to get a sweet deal out of Corinthians and Santos for Pato and Robinho respectively. The Brazilian clubs are simply reluctant to pay so Galliani tried various other methods like Goal/Appearance Bonus,Future Sale etc. In the end all we got was €15m (in 4 yearly installments) and the option to buy Pato back for an undisclosed amount. Berlusconi wasted no time in assuring the fans that Pato already Promised to come back in a few years.

For Robinho,It’s a bit more complicated. Raiola openly came out and said that Robinho will certainly leave.It seems Santos are also well aware of that and as a result it turned out to be a deadlock. Galliani wants €10m while Santos’ last offer was €9m. There were whispers that Galliani will include Felipe Anderson in the deal but in the end he returned to Milan empty handed. The word on the street is that if within the next week,Santos do not increase their offer Galliani will just let them have Robinho for €9m.

While Galliani was busy working his bald head off in Brazil. Milan were linked to Vucinic and Arnautovic (Werder).I wonder if Galliani sometimes wakes up in the morning and is surprised by the players we are linked to in the papers.He probably just laughs his bald head off.

Zenit of Petersburg pulled up a shopping cart too and offered €10m+Bonus’ for Abate. Secret meetings were held with Zenit representatives in Milan but in the end the offer was refused. According to Italian media, The Russians only have to up the offer by a couple of Mil and Abate will soon be off to Mother Russia.

Back in Italia Gazetta wasted no time in speculating that Milan will spend €35m on Balotelli. They Logic : Pato sold for €15m, Robino and Abate will go for €10m each and that’s a grand total of €35m. Anything to sell the papers really.

..A line for Pato

The departure of Pato was clearly a sad affair for all. He left Milanello in tears refusing to talk to reporters as he was too overwhelmed with emotions.

Milan meanwhile struggled with defensive problems.. and the match hadn’t even started. As a result of suspensions and Injuries the only defender Milan had available was Acerbi. In the end,De Sciglio played in central defense and only a Late strike from Bojan combined with a Soft Penalty sent home by Pazzini ensured a sloppy 2-1 win for Milan.

Milan against Racism..

A lot happened in the world of AC Milan last week but the big Story remains Kevin Prince Boateng’s outburst against racist chants at Pro Patria. His actions were lauded universally by most and met with unanimous approval (Bar some like Seedorf and Blatter). Here was a great chance for Boateng to be a spokesperson for a very crucial cause, especially given the publicity he received in the aftermath of the incident.

Instead Mr.Boateng talked to ‘Bild’ about leaving Italy and being unsure about wether he can still play in such a hostile league. Made an utter fool of yourself now didn’t ya lad ? One moment he talks about the necessity of standing up to such behavior and the next day he talks of running away. This has got to be the fastest drop from Hero to zero in the history of football. Even his assist for Bojan’s goal failed to soothe Milanisti,who are simply.. annoyed at him.

A week full of Drama and mixed emotions for us Milanisti. Next week we face Juventus in the biggest game of this new year and of course it goes without saying that we will have more transfer market dramas giving us sleepless nights.

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