AC Milan sign Andrea Poli on Co-Ownership

A deal which had been agreed upon months ago finally came to a close today. According to Gds & Sky, Milan have reached an agreement with Sampdoria to sign ‘want-away’ midfielder Andrea Poli on Co-Ownership.

In return for Poli, Milan will part with cash plus Bartosz Salamon, who will go the other way, also on Co-ownership. Milan are now waiting for Salamon to agree with Sampdoria so the transfer can officially be completed.

In the rare scenario that Salamon doesn’t agree to Sampdoria’s terms, Milan will chose 2 other youth players (Fossati/Albertazzi) to be sent the other way.

In any case what’s certain is that Galliani has made Milan’s first signing since the summer transfer window opened. Kind of early for Galliani don’t you think ?

UPDATE: Mediaset report that Milan paid €1m + 50% of Salamon for Poli. They also say that Poli will be in Milano tomorrow to sign his contract