Cesc Fabregas transfer to Milan still on ?

Yesterday it was confirmed that Thiago Alacantra the new Fabregas has renewed his contract with Barcelona. It’s to be noted that earlier it was being reported that Barcelona buying Fabregas was the only thing that was keeping him from signing a contract. Did he get some sort of a promise from the club on this ?

Well before all Milanista’s get their ziggy on and think that Fabregas is coming to Milan, the latest news is that Real Madrid have jumped in with a bid of €45m. As retarded as it seems, much worse things have happened in football (Figo to madrid). Arsenal and Arsene Wenger must be chuffed to bits with all these big teams driving up the asking price for Fabregas.

As for the man in contention, Fabregas was supposed to make a public appearance at a football campus in Tordera,Spain but he cancelled as he didn’t want to answer difficult questions being asked by the media. As far as our beloved rossoneri are concerned, i’d Just say that we have an outside chance of landing Fabregas and As much as it would help shirt sales and attracting more new immature fanboys to our club, i’d rather not have him at Milan here.

Milan are again linked to Nasri. Wenger is determined not to let Nasri run out out his one year contract and leave for free at the end of it, like in the case of Flamini a few years ago. Nasri is hot property, Man Utd are interested and apparently so our the Rossoneri. There are reports that claim that Galliani was in Paris yesterday to strike a deal with Nasri’s people. Sometimes it seems like Galliani is in 10 different countries on the same day. Is he Superman in hiding ?

Rossoneri are also connected to yet another Gunner in the form of Denilson, who has struggled and struggled to find some first team action in London. Wenger considers him useless for his purpose and it’s being said that Milan are willing to give him a second chance. This i really hope doesn’t happen. We need to win the Champions League not the italian cup.

The Hamsik saga goes on and on, with the latest news being that Milan already have an agreement with Hamsik. The only thing remaining is the deal with Napoli. Milan have all in all good relations with Napoli and there are no road blocks as such. There’s a certain twist in this deal tho. Milan who were interested in singing Kucka from Genoa next year want to sign him this year and send him on a Loan to Napoli in return for getting a good price for Hamsik.

Milan have already established good relations with Genoa and are likely to Steal Kucka from under Inter’s nose. He goes to Napoli for a year and we get Hamsik. that’s a good deal i would say but Napoli just can’t expect us to pay €30m for Hamsik. The negotiations are underway though as Richard Bigon, sports director at Napoli was spotted at the hilton in milan yesterday. Another Lunch for Galliani i suppose ?

Allegri seems to have a huge hard on for Hamsik it seems. Yesterday Massimo Oddo, came out saying the usual stuff that footballers say. “Allegri holds Hamsik in high regard and would be great to have him at milan blah blah etc etc.” What i want to know is, Why has Oddo not being sold to QPR yet ??

Milan are hot on the trails of Ogbonna, the latest italian hotshot defender. Now the good relations between Galliani and Cairo have enabled us to see off any competition from Juventus or Inter for Angelo however quietly and suddenly the Sheikhs have struck again. Man City have put in a €20m bid for Ogbonna it seems and as much as our friends in Turin love us, they will be very hesitant to say no to 20 mil, even though it means spoiling their good relations with Milan.

Milan are offering Turin €10m Plus young players like Coppola and/or Strasser (who Torino like) on a Co-ownership basis. Also included in the deal is the clause enabling Ogbonna to play another season at Torino, thereby helping them to achieve promotion next season. This is a good deal as far as Milan are concerned but someone tell that to Man city.

Chelsea have opened talks of a new contract with Didier Drogba after it was reported that his old club Marseille publicly declared that they have the resources and the inclination to bring him back to France. Are Milan out of the race now ? Either ways doesn’t affect us.

Sokratis Papastathopoulos, who just moved back to Genoa is being courted by Werder Bremen and he suddenly seems open to the idea. So does that mean that even Genoa don’t think he’s worthy of a First team Place ? That’s quite a fall from grace, considering that when he was “playing” (sort of) for rossoneri he wouldn’t even consider Werder Bremen. Well good luck to him anyways.

Speaking of our Younger players now. Albertazzi has moved to Getafe on loan. What’s not reported is wether he has moved to Getafe ‘A’ team or the Getafe ‘B’ who play in the third division. Either ways we all hope that he gets good playing time so that in a few years he can come back and be a valuable defensive asset for us.

Strasser our star for the future is being hotly courted by Novara and Torino. Since we want Ogbonna out of Torino, it’s likely that we will probably agree to him moving there on a year long loan. Either ways he gets First team experience and that’s what he requires now.

Not a day passes by when there’s not a new comment on the Ganso situation. The latest word from Brazil is that : – “Ganso will not move until 2012″. It’s like the parrot which pulls out a new card everyday with a statement on it.

The TV Right meeting for SerieA teams happened yesterday, and a huffing puffing angry Adriano Galliani emerged out of it, after taking a €9m hit in terms of TV Revenue for the upcoming season. As usual he was immediately asked by reporters of all the transfer targets that Milan are supposed to sign this window. He denied all of them in a visibly pissed off manner and walked off. Poor Galliani, Berlusconi needs to throw him a Bunga-Bunga party.