Didac Vila to Milan.The Real Story.

Why are Milan buying Didac Vila ? Who is he ?

Well considered nothing more than a backup player for Espanyol, though with some sort of a potential, he plays at Left back and most famously was voted the Flop of The Match vs Barcelona, post a La Liga game.

Everything about this transfer seems wrong to Milan Fans and transfer pundits. After-all, Why Get another antonini ? He seems at best a decent backup who need to develop quite a bit and doesn’t seem like he could make an immediate impact. Something Milan need right now to win the Scudetto and Coppa Italia.

Well as far as the eye can see, there are two reasons why he is being bought.

It’s no secret that Milan desire Domenico Criscito, who is not a world class player but a definite upgrade over Antonini. Criscito is an experienced Serie A player and can do a solid Left Back job for Milan. Geno, although they have done enough business with Milan this season, are reluctant to let him go. If they sell everyone then who do they play with ?

Recently Milan bought 50% of Promising young striker Alberto Paloschi (the new Pippo Inzaghi) and transferred it to Genoa. Most people though it was probably as a thank you for Boateng transfer in the summer. However there seems to be a deeper story here.

It seems like one of these two scenario’s will happen, before the transfer windows closes.

Milan will loan out newly bought Didac Vila to Genoa in exchange for Domenico Criscito + 50% Alberto Paloschi + Transfer Money.


Milan will get Domenico Criscito yet in exchange for Luca Antonini + 50% of Alberto Paloschi

Mr.Galliani after his dealings with Genoa is considered a friend of the club and he just might be able to pull of this complex yet win win transfer for everyone. Galliani is obviously aware of Milan’s woes at the left back and anyone who loves the club will never fill that crucial position with a player whose isn’t a starter right away.

So in the end, Vila will go to Genoa, fill the gap left by Criscito’s departure to Milan and return with valuable first Team experience and hopefully moving on to being a useful squad player for Milan.

And In the second scenario Antonini, who is already an average squad player goes to Genoa and we Get Criscito. In the end it seems like a Win for Milan. Galliani is going to ensure that.Remember Fester knows better.