Fabregas To milan and other Midfield stories !

One fine day in august 2009, news was floating all around that Milan will sign Cesc Fabregas and all plans were apparently in place to announce the signing on the coming monday. Andrea pirlo was to move to Chelsea and Cesc would don the red and black colors. A yummy preposition for Milanista’s however it turned out a wee bit different as we all are aware.

Pirlo has moved on, Cesc stays in London and Milanista’s Still hope Cesc would arrive. It would seem very likely if it wasn’t for the Deep Mutual love that exists between Cesc and Barcelona. They have both spent the last few transfer markets planning the coup and confessing publicly their love for each other. There would be no hope of Cesc going anywhere else. He wants to return home, His National team mates want him to come back to where he started from and it was all pretty certain that Cesc is going back. Milanista’s were resigned to the loss of the Cesc.

When the current transfer market opened Barcelona announced publicly that their transfer kitty is a mere €45m euros and Now that Barcelona have more or less bought Alexis Sanchez and also spent 2/3 of their transfer kitty while doing it, there are a few who believe that barcelona are left with the money to spend on Cesc Fabregas.

Milanista’s have been hopeful of landing Fabregas especially given that huge hard on Mr.Galliani has for him. That combined with Berlusconi’s promises of a ‘star signing’ made speculation mills running over time and the verdict in unison was Cesc Fabregas.

Then came the announcement that super agent Raiola has been in London since January trying to hookup a important transfer for the rossoneri and it was like every milanista’s wet dream came true. For a moment it looked like we had Cesc. The only problem in this story is the frequent confessions of Cesc about his undying love for Barca and Barca’s two way talk.One day they want the prodigal son to return home the next day they cry about the lack of funds this season.

Not only is this a cliffhanger for Barca supporters but more so for Milanista’s. Barca still have some great creative midfielders in possession while we have an army of defensive midfielders with as much creativity as a disney pop star.

There is no immediate solution unfortunately. Arsenal want €40m+ , Barca want Fabregas and can very easily conjure up the money by selling one of their surplus players (Villa, Bojan etc.), Milan want Cesc but will not go into a bidding war and in all likeliness Galliani would be very interested in working out some sort of an installment deal (Ibra deal anyone ?).

The latest rumor is that Fabregas has sent his agent to arrange the final details of the contract that will bind him to milan for 5 years at 5 mil per season. Arsenal have accepted our offer – €35m payable in 3 installments + Emanuelson (rated €8 + mil) + €5m in bonuses. As ridiculous as most fans think this to be, it is probably how it will go down if Cesc really wants to come to Milan.

But if Cesc Fabregas comes, what are the chances of him not crying Barcelona tears again 2 years down the line ? Galliani is not stupid though. He understands this and much more than us mere mortals could fathom. Milan have been linked to each and every other midfielder this and that side of the pond, however most prominently it has been with Ganso, Hamsik and Lamela.

Ganso was very close to coming to Milan but for his frequent injury problems which planted seeds of doubt in Galliani’s mind. However His people have been sighted time and again in Milan and rumors are still flying.

Hamsik was thought to be packing bags for Milan in an exchange transfer with Antonio Cassano but there have been no further movements and new reports have emerged saying that he doesn’t want to move and neither do Napoli want him to, especially now that they will be playing in europe and have a chance of bringing those old glory times back to naples.

Hamsik transfer to Milan ?

The only development in the Erik lamela story is that River Plate are playing in the Relegation playoff’s. If River do get relegated Lamela is unlikely to want to stay in Argentina especially given the tremendous amount of interest in his services, primarily by the Rossoneri.

What is certain is that we certainly won’t be seeing Prince boateng playing as a creative attacking midfielder all season and Milan are sooner or later bound to sign up one if not more creative midfielders. Who that’s going to be is a big question and in typical Galliani style will be revealed sometime in late august. Utter torment for Fans but Mr.Galliani as long as you get us a world class player we are not complaining.