Fabregas,Ganso,Danilo,Lamela and Milan

The pattern is so similar that you can virtually play a game of “fill in the banks” with the news of Milan’s transfer activity int he market. It typically goes like this :
Milan, looking for one or two players to bolster the midfield have identified ___________ of ___________ football club as the ideal reinforcement.

The latest one’s have linked us with Park ji sung of Manchester United. Strange isn’t it, considering he has been one of their vital engines last season. Then how did this abrupt report get published ? Let’s see. The transfer market this season is a dead horse. No big name transfers, no player snatching, no scandalous movements. Pretty much nothing but “report” and rumors. Fans are bored, press has nothing to write and for the common good of both someone has to make something out of nothing right ?

Goal.com and papers like Marca lead the way in this activity. Park ji Sung recently said that he ‘might’ have to move in a few years from Man Utd as it takes a lot to perform like he does after a certain age. So our dear “reports and rumor” writers took out their pen and just connect a few random dots here and there. Fans get something to read and argue about and websites get some hits.

Park Ji Sung to Milan is as ridiculous as Pele making a right prediction. However in a strange way more and stauncher rumors are flying about Cesc Fabregas coming to Milan. He’s the big statement Galliani and Berlusconi want to make to the Milanistas. Barcelona have made a €30m bid for him to get it rejected. Will Milan top it ? Berlusconi is capable of anything. What’s certain is that Cesc doesn’t want to rot at Arsenal for another season. Milan to maintain cordial relations with everyone (in this case Barcelona) are probably waiting for them to make all their moves and will probably get things rolling in mid-august in case all the Barcelona moves have failed.

Bronzetti the transfer guru has confidently proclaimed that Milan will Sign Ganso. Let run through some of the older prediction made by Mr.Bronzetti

- Maicon to Real Madrid is No Go (start of last season)
- Amauri – Gilardino swap is No Go (start of last season)
- Ronaldinho will not leave Milan (start of last season)
- Amauri will not leave Juve (star of last season)
- Ronaldinho to Milan possible (2008)
- Ibrahimovic will not leave inter (2009)
- Forecasted the arrival of Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo to Madrid
- Benzema will not leave madrid for Juve (dec 2010)
- Royston drenthe will not join Fiorentina (dec 2010)
- Inter will sign Eto’o (2009)
- Baptista will go to Roma (2008)

Based on these past predictions and what happened eventually, you can make your mind up wether Bronzetti is to be believed or not, however keep in mind that in the past he has been the go to guy for many of Milan’s transfer moves, and if he says that Ganso will come then Will he come ? In my opinion it all depends of the hearing scheduled this week to decide wether 2 non-EU spots rule should be allowed back for italian teams and also if Taiwo can mange to get his EU passport. If both those things happen then Milan can go for Ganso and another non EU player (Danilo, Vidal).

Speaking of non EU, also on Milan’s radar is Danilo, Ganso’s team mate at Santos and considered to be the new Maicon, however Benfica are interested in him and he in them. If Milan want to move then it has to be quick coz as we all know that when player go to Portuguese teams they go for 10m and come out at 30m.

Continuing with the “Lets link a midfielder to Milan” game, another new and unknown payer to be linked to Milan is the italian born spanish midfielder Thiago Alcantara. he currently plays for Barcelona ‘b’ and wait for it ….. Is considered the new Cesc Fabregas. Is this ironic or what ? Nonetheless the one to watch out for.

In a riot laden and chair throwing atmosphere River Plate as predicted got relegated to the second division for the first time in the club’s history. It of course was not taken well by fans at all who continued to riot and throw things all around the stadium as expected. Does River in the second division mean that Erik Lamela will leave ? And if so will Milan make a move for him ? A lot remains to be seen in this snail’s pace of a transfer market.