Goodbye Alexandre Pato

In January of 2012 PSG had offered AC Milan €35m for Alexandre Pato. An offer too good, however refused by AC Milan Management. It’s december 2012 and Pato is all but a step away from sealing a €15m move to Corinthians. A €20m Decline in 11 months ?

Pato’s Injuries are global knowledge and the butt of many a cruel jokes,however also well known is his talent and goal scoring abilities. When the news of Corinthians offer of €15m was reported by Italian Media most of us laughed out loud. No way would a player of 23 years old with such potential be sold for so cheap.

Milanisti became worried when Galliani travelled to Brazil. Even if most of us were sick of Pato’s injuries and long absence from action (7 starts this season) we didn’t see why he should be sold for so cheap. Barring his injury problems Pato is not just a talented player but a very marketable one at that. Didn’t a certain Messi have a spat of injuries too in his early 20’s ?

Pato sulks in Public..

Last month after scoring in Milan’s win again Anderlecht, Pato had publicly talked about a ‘Meeting with the agent to evaluate the situation’. The next week Italian media reported of a meeting between the Player, his agent and Galliani. What really happened at that meeting ? That was all a secret .. till now.

Last night Globoesporte.com reported that Pato had asked to be sold simply because he is unhappy at not playing enough at Milan. In uncertain terms Pato has told Galliani that he doesn’t intend to renew his contract even going as far as to say that if ‘He wasn’t sold, He would just leave for free when his contract expires in 2014’.

Why is Pato Unhappy ?

What could be the reason for it ? The emergence of El shaarawy ? After Ibra left, Pato would have expected the team to be built around him. After-all he was always touted as the shining star of Milan.

However Pato’s injuries and an in-form El Shaarawy spoiled that for him and the cry baby that Pato has been for the better part of the last 2-3 years (Coincidentally when Ibra arrived),he started sulking. Dear Pato how are we supposed to build anything around you when you spend more time with the Medical Staff than the Coaching staff ?

Second reason could be a possible split from Barbara Berlusconi. Could the on-again off-again couple finally be headed for splitsville ? Pato should have known the consequences before he started dating someone whose on the Board of Directors of the Club he plays for.Who didn’t see this coming…

Whatever the reasons Pato is all but gone. January the 3rd, is the date when the official announcement is expected. In the year 2012 Pato has scored 3 Goals for AC Milan at the cost of €2.6m a goal.

However all is not bad for Milan.

Milan after Pato..

Apart from the measly €15m that Corinthians have labored to gather, Milan are also likely to get a percentage from any future sale of Pato by Corinthians. It’s highly unlikely that Pato will stay at Corinthians for the rest of his career and Given the fact that the player is merely 23 and still has a chance (Miracle) of conquering his injuries and returning to form, This could be a formidable amount.

Secondly, Milan is also likely to receive a “First Right of Refusal” on Corinthians youth players like Antonio Carlos and Rodrigo Rodinei. This essentially means that Corinthians will have to offer Players to Milan first before they try and offer them/sell them to anyone else. The details and the duration of this deal are not disclosed yet but in hindsight this could turn out to be a sweet deal for AC Milan. The emergence of Youth talent from Brazil is known world over and so is Milan’s tendency to buy Brazilians. If Corinthians manage to produce a few wonder-kids it will be Celebration time in Milan.

Milanisti are not upset because of the expected sale of Pato.We are mostly sad because Pato was our Golden Boy.So much was expected of him and we feel that he betrayed us all.He was loved he was cared for and he was made into an icon much before he did anything to deserve that. Sadly,Years from now all he will be remembered for will be a 24-second goal he scored against Barcelona.

To sum it all Up,

– Pato will leave come what may
– Galliani is in Brazil to squeeze out as much as possible from Corinthians
– The Final deal will look something like — €15m + % of Future Sale + First Right of Refusal on Corinthians Players