Goodbye Clarence Seedorf !

For the last few years, Milan Fans have had a love hate relationship with Clarence Seedorf. There still remain the faithful few who consider him an evergreen Legend, however the Majority of Milanisti feel that he is few years past his expiry date, christening him with Monickers like Slowdorf and ShitDorf. The ones who feel that his contract should be renewed (shudder !!) are simply Interistas in disguise.

Even though Seedorf may come up with a Goal or an assist every ten games or so, he’s a liability to Milan’s Gameplay. It’s also the sheer incompetence of Galliani’s management that a player who should have left in 2007 is still playing for us.

For a player whose widely considered a gentleman and an intellectual, Seedorf should have had the good sense to leave when it was over. By overstaying his welcome, Clarence has left a bad taste in the mouths of most Milanisti who otherwise would’ve been eternally grateful for his contributions.

So Someone please call Mr.Seedorf a Taxi, The time to leave has come. For all it’s worth Clarence, we will shed a tear when you leave…. A tear of Joy !

Clarence’s Recent Match Displays

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