Grazie Clarence Seedorf !

Clarence Seedorf, Il Professore Leaves AC Milan after 10 years of loyal service. Sir Clarence played a total of 432 official matches for the Rossoneri scoring 67 goals. This makes him the most capped non italian player for The red and blacks. Here’s what he had to say in his Goodbye press conference.

“I’m really sad that I’m leaving Milan because Milan truly is a family. If I wanted to stay we would have found an agreement but thought of my future and I decided to leave” thinking in my future.”

“I will continue to play football with another team. I will take all the time that I need to make the best decision for me. I asked Galliani for tips for continuing my career in another place but with the option of returning in future.”

“I leave a family and people that I was with for 10 years and spent more time with than with my own family. In my heart are all the people that I’ve met at Milanello. Milanello was my home for all these years. I thank the president, Galliani and everyone who works at Milanello.”

“In my heart, I will also keep the memories from San Siro when we played Manchester United in 2007. That was the most difficult season for me and That night at San siro Vs Manchester United, there was an incredible atmosphere. The stadium gave me an incredible support”

“I leave a Milan that wants to remain competitive. We have to build a new team as It is very necessary for Milan to create a squad like the one that we had a few years ago. Milan’s DNA will be important for staying in the top of Italy and Europe. The board has ample experience in facing such times.”

“The new me? I don’t want to compare me with other, there are many talents out there, even the youngsters that we have at Milan have the character of arriving to the top and staying there but for winning how people like Maldini and Costacurta did, you need sacrifices.”

“Montolivo fits well into Allegri’s ideas about football should be played. He did well both for Italy and Fiorentina. He can do good for Milan. I’m happy that he has joined Milan as i knew how badly he wanted it.”

“In the past 2 years I’ve been thinking about leaving Milan – even before we won the Scudetto. I was close to leaving last year but decided to continue. I made my decision to leave Milan three days ago and called up the Milan board and the president.

“Ibra and I talked about the #10 short sometime ago in the shower in the changing rooms. I told Ibra that if I left Milan, then I would be happy to see him wearing the number 10 shirt at Milan. Ibra has all the qualities for being Milan’s #10″

“The president is sad about me leaving? Well, of course, I’m also sad but our relationship is good and the doors will always be open. All of us that have left now hope that we have done a good job in these years. Those that have remained at Milan will now have the job of making sure that our values are kept. I hope that all this will continue. Milan are used to changes, although this is a bit of a special moment.

“I had 10 intense years with Milan. Those years went by quickly as they were positive seasons. I thank the Milanisti. I hope to say goodbye to them in a manner that they deserve. I also thank all the Italian journalists that I’ve met in the 13 years that I’ve played in Italy.”