“I want to stay far away from the football world”- Maldini

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“I think that Ancelotti will do very well at Real Madrid. Simply because he’s been successful everywhere he’s coached.”, Paolo Maldini tells Marca, when asked about his close friend Ancelotti.

Unlike at PSG, he doesn’t need to change the squad mentality or start from scratch and try to impose his philosophy. All that is already present at Real Madrid. All he must to do is win. Just like at Milan, the Real management won’t be patient, but I’m sure he knows that.

Maldini and Ancelotti have had a long standing relationship at AC Milan, first as team mates and then as a successful coach-captain pair. Perhaps nobody else understand Ancelotti and his ways of working better than ‘il capitano‘ Paolo Maldini.

“Ancelotti will not struggle. He does well at clubs that want to be successful. He’s shown that in England, Italy and France. Not many managers can claim that. There is no team that Carlo couldn’t manage. After all we’re talking about someone with immense knowledge of the game and its tactics. Besides he has a great calming effect on the players and on the team as a unit.”

Maldini himself played under a whole bunch of coaches, most notable among them were Sacchi, Capello and of course Ancelotti.

“Without a doubt, they are the 3 best Italian coaches of all time who have made a lot of history, 3 different characters who are all winners. Ancelotti owes Sacchi a lot, He learned immensely from him during his playing career.”

Sacchi also taught me how to defend and attack in an organized manner and how to sacrifice myself for the team. Capello taught me the automatisms of the game, equally easy and complicated at the same time. Ancelotti is a mix of those two.”

It’s no secret that Maldini has long been an admirer of Sergio Ramos and once proclaimed him as the best defender in the world. It seems that il Capitano still maintains that a high opinion.

“If he’s not already one, Sergio Ramos has everything to become the best defender in the world. He’s up there with Thiago Silva, although he still needs to improve a few things to become the best. He needs to be more ambitious and work on the mental aspect of the game.Having the physique and technique isn’t enough by itself. In order to become the best defender in the world you have to always play a perfect match.

Lastly Maldini, who actively stays away from the football world shed some light on his future plans.

At the moment, coaching is not something I’d like to do. I still don’t know what I will do in the future but I definitely intend to stay far away from the football world. I want to spend more time with my family and dedicate myself to other things.

So looks like the only time we”ll see Maldini close to a football pitch is when he attends Milan matches at San Siro or when he occasionally plays for Milan Glorie. What he certainly won’t be doing is following his friend Ancelotti’s lead and sitting on a coaching bench.