“I’d like to get my revenge against Barcelona” – Bojan

While he was at Giannino’s in Milan, Bojan gave an interview to RAC1 about his future and the tie with Barcelona

“In the Champions League final in 2011 I didn’t get to play even a single minute. It was then that i decided to Leave Barcelona. that’s why i understand the situation of David Villa well. He has to compete with Messi,whose the best in the world for a spot in the starting XI.”

“Since I’ve left Barcelona i’ve realized that it isn’t always great to be on loan at a team. I need to be bought by Milan or another club. I want to play regularly and feel important to a team. This is one of my best seasons in the past 3-4 years and i know that Milan are satisfied with my performances. Even though here in Italy,The game is much more physical than it is in Spain. I’ve ran more here in Italy than I did in all of my 12 years at Barcelona.”

“After the draw, Adria Carmona told me that Milan had drawn Barcelona in the second round. I didn’t believe him at all,I really thought he was joking. I’m excited to return to Camp Nou with AC Milan. I hope i get to play in that match and get my revenge, but without any element of hate or grudge. I don’t think that it would be a lack of respect if I celebrated a goal vs. Barcelona at San Siro however it will be different at Camp Nou.”