“I’ll be more precise in front of the goal” -Robinho

Robinho Talks about his unfortunate last season and the influence of a certain Mister Allegri in this candid interview.

“Welcome back? I never left the club. Although Santos have done a lot to try and bring me back to Brazil, For me there’s only Milan. There is still time to return to Santos and I still have the desire to do my best for Milan.Milan will be the last European team of my career.”

“I can guarantee that the Robinho you will see this season will be the same Robinho that you saw when we won the Scudetto. Last Season, After the Super Cup in Beijing, I got injured and began the season late. That made it a bit harder for me. I’m sad about having disappointed Allegri last season, but it wasn’t only my fault. I was unlucky too. I scored 14 goals in the Scudetto winning season but only 6 last season. Now I’m ready to score double figures again !”

“It will be a different Milan without Ibra and Thiago but that doesn’t mean that we will be weaker. Milan is a great club. It’s impossible for such a club to lose competitiveness. Even if Milan fans are skeptical ? They’re wrong. There’s still a long time to go before the transfer window closes. This squad won the Scudetto and were runner-ups last season. The fans need to have faith in us.”

“All of us, especially the strikers, need to take more responsibility now that Ibrahimovic has left.This season we will play with the ball on the ground, play faster and with points of reference. I swear that I will be more precise when I’m in front of the goal. I’m more calm now.”

“Pato will replace Ibra in the attack. He deserves it.Pato just needs to have more confidence in himself in order to become a top player because he is a great striker. Now Pato has the possibility to do well at the Olympics and I believe that he won’t fail in reaching this objective.Pato is strong, young and he has a great career ahead of him.”

“I would be really happy if Kakà came back to Milan. Kakà and I can do great things together, also because we both want to be at the 2014 World Cup.

“At first, i wanted to get selected for the Olympics I would have liked to be 1 of the 3 players over 23. The Olympic gold medal in football is the only thing that Brazil is missing. But I don’t see how I could have made it to the Olympics because of Milan. It’s too bad. I fear that I’ll never get an opportunity like this again, but I still have many objectives with Milan ahead of me.”

“My personal record in the Champions League is 4 goals in 6 matches with Real Madrid in 07-08. Obviously, I hope to do better this season. Milan will be in pot 1 in CL this year, so the matches won’t be as difficult as the ones we’ve had in recent years.”

“What did Allegri say to me on the first day of the pre-season? Nothing, we just greeted each other. Allegri and I know each other very well. It’s thanks to him that I’ve now completely matured. I’ve improved while I’ve been here at Milan. This is definitely the most positive time of my career in Europe. Right from the start, Allegri made me a fundamental element in his Milan side. I never felt like I was important when I was at Real Madrid.”

“If I will play well this season for Allegri’s sake? Yes, I owe him that. He has always let me know that I’m important to him. Allegri is right. You don’t need to look at the names on the squads, You need to know the value and the strength of the opposing coach and players. This season in Serie A will be fascinating, and definitely also difficult.”