Kingsley Boateng Interview with Milan Channel

The Promising youngster from whom much is expected sat with Milan Channel and gave an honest interview.

What do you like most about being at Milan ?

“Milan is really like a big family and we are all brothers”

Thoughts on Allegri

“He’s a great coach who knows how to be a calming influence on the young. He’s a winner, even when he is playing a practice match in training, he never wants to lose”

Many have compared you to Weah

“I would love to be like him. I remember the wonder goal he scored against Verona all by himself, dribbling through the field.”

Who in the first team has impressed you most in training ?

“Without doubt Ibrahimovic. He’s a force of nature. If you do well he applauds you, if you’re wrong he motivates you to do better and he transmits his will to win to everybody.”

Thoughts on El Shaarawy

“We are friends and I have great respect for him. He is a bomb!”

Who is your idol

“Prince Boateng. We are also very similar temperamentally”

Who is the leader of the Primavera ?

“Bertoni is our captain and he makes his presence felt in moments of difficulty”

What about the rivalry between Milan and Juventus

“As we saw on Saturday night at San Siro, we are now stronger than them”

What is your favorite position on the pitch ?

“I like to play either as a second striker, and as a winger in a 4-3-3”

Thoughts Maxi Lopez

“He has already done well in Catania and I’m sure will do well here because he has a great desire to succeed”

Who from the youth team is ready for First Team action ?

“Apart from those who are already part of that group like De Sciglie and Valoti, I think Calvano and Carmona are the most ready for the first team.”