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31st August

– Gazzetta Dello Sport reports that on Friday morning, CSKA had shown an inclination to accept Milan’s offer for Keisuke Honda. That was the reason for Galliani’s positive comments to the press regarding the player.

Umberto Gandini had met Evgeny Giner & Roman Babaev from CSKA in Monte Carlo and they had promised an answer in ‘some time’. In the end turned out to be another mocking ‘No’, though CSKA have managed to infuriate Honda in the process.

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30th August

– CSKA have rejected Milan’s €3m+Bonus offer for Honda
– “No news on Honda yet”- Galliani
– CSKA sporting director Babaev has said that Honda will stay at CSKA
– “We”re talking to CSKA to sign Honda immediately. It’s likely that Honda will arrive.”- Galliani
– According to a Rai journalist, Honda will be in Milano later today
– In a few hours Milan will have an answer from CSKA
– Milan’s latest offer for Honda is €3m+Bonuses. Milan have increased the bonus amounts from the last time to entice CSKA
– Gandini spoke with CSKA yesterday and now Milan are waiting to hear from them
– Gazzetta claims that Honda could still come before the window closes

29th August

– Umberto Gandini has said that there is no news about Honda and he hasn’t spoken with CSKA as he’s busy with other things. He also said that he’s not involved with any transfer deals for Milan
– Umberto Gandini will speak with CSKA president Giner at the Champions League draw in Monte Carlo today.

24th August

– “Honda joining Milan ? That’s not true. That discussion is over. If someone offered us €20m then we”ll think about it.”- CSKA Sporting Director Babaev

23rd August

– “Milan is my favorite team and if possible I would like to wear that shirt”- Honda

21st August

– Galliani will meet CSKA on the 29th of August in Monaco at the CL draw and negotiate for Honda
– “As far as i know Honda will stay. Milan have already started their Champions League campaign and at this point , I don’t think Honda will leave CSKA.”- Slutsky [CSKA coach]

20th August

– “Honda ? For now it’s all calm.We will wait and see what happens”- Allegri
– Galliani has admitted that Milan are in contact with CSKA again however refused to divulge further details on account of the supposed ‘confidentiality’ pack that he claims to have in place with CSKA ..more..

19th August

– “There is no new update on the Honda situation”- Galliani
– A Possible meeting between CSKA and Milan tomorrow. Final outcome expected on wednesday

17th August

– Honda met CSKA sporting director Babaev and re-iterated his desire to leave for Milan. Babaev has promised Honda that he will try and convince CSKA president Giner whose currently on vacation

16th August

– Milan and CSKa will meet again next week to negotiate for Honda. [sky]
– Honda met the CSKA leadership yesterday evening and pushed for an immediate transfer to Milan. He wants to leave Russia immediately and Move to Italy. Galliani patiently waits.. [sky]

15th August

– Galliani has re-iterated that Honda will come in January on free transfer
– Tuttosport reports that Milan raise their offer for Honda from €3.5 to €4m to quickly close the deal
– Honda will return to Moscow today and is expected to once again ask CSKA to leave for Milan right away

13th August

– Sportmediaset says that negotiations between CSKA and Milan will resume post Mid-August
– According to Gazzetta everything still depends on the CSKA president’s will. Milan are hoping that he will change his mind
– Gazzetta says that AC Milan have purposely left an empty slot in the team submitted to UEFA for the CL Playoff. They are hoping to sign Honda and add him to the squad which can be done latest by the evening of the first leg

12th August

– According to Gazzetta Milan will make one more attempt to sign Honda as they want to field him against PSV

11th August

– “AC Milan have done nothing wrong,It’s CSKA who changed their mind”- Ernesto Bronzetti [More]

9th August

– Keisuke Honda told the media that in the final meeting that will take place between CSKA and Milan chiefs the offer price will be €5m and for that he has agreed to reduce his salary
– CSKA president Giner has been quoted as saying that he told Milan 3 weeks ago that he won’t sell Honda, not even for €10m ..more..
– Corriere reports that Honda to Milan is likely to be wrapped up in the coming days. Galliani is keen for him to play in the Champions League Playoffs
– Tuttosport claims that Honda will be at Milanello on August 16th

8th August

– Galliani told the media that Honda won’t be joining Milan as during their last phone call, the CSKA president refused to sell him

7th August

– Galliani siad that there isn’t a possibility of signing Honda immediately as the CSKA president is on vacation
– According to Paolo Bargiggia of Mediaset, the deal will be closed in the coming few days and Honda could arrive at Milan as early as next week
– After returning from USA Galliani is likely to meet CSKA president Giner in Sardinia where the latter is on holiday

6th August

– According to Tuttosport Milan will buy Honda for €4.5m and the player will be signing a 4 year contract worth €2.75m a year

5th August

– According to Mediaset’s, Milan are ready to raise their offer to €4.5m. However the CSKA President wants to only deal with Galliani
– Honda’s brother/agent has said that this week is very important for the deal and we can expect news by the weekend.Everything depends on CSKa and Milan but Keisuke wants to move to Milan asap
– Galliani has said that if CSKA don’t sell Honda right away then Milan will wait patiently
– According to Tuttosport, Honda will be signing for Milan very soon

2nd August

– Bronzetti and Honda’s agent were at Via turati again today
– According to Russian media an agreement for Honda can be reached soon
– Sportitalia expects a major breakthrough in the Honda deal by wednesday

1st August

– Galliani has deemed the visit of Honda’s brother/agent to Via Turati as a ‘Courtesy’ call
– Bronzetti and Honda’s brother met Braida at Via Turati. They are expected to contact CSKA again on Monday
– “We called CSKA president 20 times yesterday but he said that they don’t want to sell”- Galliani
– FIFA agent Ernesto Bronzetti and Keisuke Honda’s brother/agent are at Via turati right now
– Tuttosport reports that Milan & CSKA will resume talks for Honda after CSKA’s 4th August match against Rubin
– Milan have until August 15th to buy Honda as that is the date of the Champions League Squad submission

31st July

– CSKA General Manager just said that they are no longer in talks with Milan for Keisuke Honda
– Galliani offered €3.5m to CSKA today but it was rejected.They still want €5m. Sky also speculates that CSKA rejected Milan’s offer in view of their upcoming match against Rubin
– Galliani and the President of CSKA are in contact on Telephone.Expect new developments in the next few hours..
– Earlier Honda had agreed to a contract worth €2.5m with Milan. Now he’s willing to lower it to €1.8m so that it helps wrap up the deal with CSKA
– Honda’s Brother/Agent will be in Milano today while Galliani & Gandini are expected to meet CSKA’s President in Munich in the next few days

30th July

– As a result of Robinho’s injury, Milan are willing to raise their bid for Honda from €3m
– Sky reports that Umberto Gandini has been in touch with CSKA
– According to SKy Honda to Milan could be finalized today
– Milan Channel has suggested that we can expect some important movements in the Honda deal today. Sky reports the same thing too

29th July

– Galliani has confirmed that the offer they have made for Honda has been considered too low by CSKA

28th July

– Milan have submitted a written €3m offer for Honda. CSKa want €5m. If Milan do not get into the CL Group stage then Honda will come in the winter
– CSKA have reportedly signed Joazinho as a replacement for Honda [Mediaset]
– CSKA president has said that they have had many better offers than Milan and that they will not be bullied into selling the player for cheap

27th July

– CSKA could accept Milan’s €3m offer for Honda after they complete the purchase of Vaclav Kadlec. Gazzetta reports that Honda could arrive in late august

26th July

– According to Gazzetta, Milan are unlikely to raise their offer (€3m) for Honda. They don’t expect this deal to be wrapped in a few days and expect Honda to come only in January. Everything is at a stalemate currently

– Honda has told CSKA multiple times that he wants to leave asap. CSKA still want €5m. News expected next week

– According to SportItalia CSKA would be fine with losing Honda for free in January.They are unwilling to give a discount now

25th July

– Galliani told the media that Honda is the only gift they have for the fans this summer.If CSKA lower the asking price he will come

– Milan will attempt to sign Keisuke Honda until the UEFA Champions League squad submission deadline. If he doesn’t arrive until then, he”ll come in January

– Honda spoke with the CSKA coach yesterday and also had dinner with their president. De Vecchi and Honda’s brother/agent are expected to meet with CSKA again today. CSKA still want €5m

24th July

– After a dinner meeting at Giannino, Adriano Galliani told the media that there was no news update from Moscow

– Georgi Milanov, the replacement for Honda at CSKA , resumed training this morning. CSKA had used his injury as an excuse for reluctance to sell Honda to Milan

– Tuttosport reports that Milan will sign Ljajic if Honda doesn’t come

– Keisuke Honda has asked for a direct meeting with the CSKA president. A decision is likely to be made today.If CSKA decline to release the player again then Milan will retreat and wait till January

– According to SportItalia, Milanov’s injury has got nothing to do with Honda’s transfer.The problem between Milan & CSKA is of economical nature. CSKA want €5m and Milan are only willing to offer €4m. Milan are keen to bank on Honda’s eagerness to move in the summer. Further Developments expected tomorrow.

– Milanov got injured before the Russian Super Cup and according to GdS,CSKA are just using that as an excuse to get more money for Honda

– AC Milan & CSKA are expected to meet again today. A lot also depends on the meeting between Honda and the CSKa president. Milan’s offer is just under €4m

23rd July

– CSKA are still asking €5m for Honda.Milan have asked for another meeting tomorrow [Sky]

– According to Gazzetta, Honda will meet the CSKA president again and express his desire to leave for Milan immediately. CSKA want him to stay, primarily because they want to do well in the Champions League

– Sky reports that CSKA have said no to Milan’s offer for Honda as Georgi Milanov, the Bulgarian replacement for Honda has injured himself. Now CSKA want to keep hold of Honda, making things even more difficult for Milan

– The meeting has been going on for more than an hour and a half now

– The meeting between Honda’s agent and Milan & CSKA representatives has started

– The meeting between Milan, CSKA & honda’s agent is supposed to start in 45 minutes

– Adriano Galliani might not attend the Trofeo TIM as he might be required to wrap up the Honda deal

– Roman Babaev (CSKA Director) just said that It’s not true that they have reached an agreement with Milan

– Adriano Galliani met Mino Raiola for Lunch at Giannino

– According to SportItalia, today will be the ‘make or break’ day of this transfer saga

– Ernesto Bronzetti just said that the Meeting between De Vecchi,Honda & CSKA is scheduled for 6PM

– Milan’s latest offer is for €3.5m. CSKA want €4m

– Milan’s transfer offer for Honda is supported by two sponsors- Mizuno and Yokohama

– Milan we in touch with CSKA in the morning as well and negotiation seems to be going well

– Corriere Della Sera reports that Honda would be willing to reduce his wage demands (€2.5) to help Milan wrap up the deal quickly

– Honda’s agent/brother told the media that there’s a meeting scheduled for Today

22nd July

– CSKA insisted yet again that they want to keep Honda till December. Even the player said yesterday that he will leave only in January

– Bronzetti said that Honda had rejected Barcelona so he could join AC Milan