Liverpool want Cassano and Ancelotti turns down inter

Another day of virtual non activity in the transfer market for Milan. However as we know it’s very tough for a club as glorious as ours to not be in the news.

So apparently Carlo Ancelotti was contacted through sky sports by inter for the soon to be vacant coach position but as expected Ancelotti said no. Inter have been desperate to steal one of our prized possessions (current or past) ever since we stole the likes of Pirlo, Ibra, Seedorf from them. All they have managed to steal is Leotardo who has not only failed in his terrible flirtation with coaching, but in the process he has made majority of Milanista’s his enemy and is now contemplating a ‘highly desirable’ move to paris st.Germain ! Seriously …the French Ligue ?? Anyways Bravo For Carlo.

Turns out that Liverpool want Cassano and Cassano wants to play in england. Playing second fiddle behind Ibra, Robinho and Pato can’t be a lucrative option for Cassano and it must be hard and any coach in the world would struggle to fit 4 World class forwards into any formation (except Leotardo perhaps). ‘Should we let Cassano go’ is a very debatable topic in the Milan circles. He’s italian, he’s got character, he’s passionate and he loves Milan. Fans love him and to be fair he’s scored some important goals and made some crucial assists in the latter half of this season. However , he has not managed to be 100% fit in these 6 months at Milan. And that, in spite of being around the world famous Milan Lab which has for some time now been prolonging careers of many a fading players by a year or two.

Milan could sell Cassano and make a handsome profit , especially if it happens with those stupid money throwing English clubs. Milan might have bought him for peanuts however he remains a world class talent and could fetch Milan anywhere close to the €15-20m. Any Milanista would agree that Milan could buy a lot of players from that money especially now that we are rebuilding our squad to win the Champions league next season. Do we sell cassano ? or do we wait for him to become Fully fit. Everyone knows what he is capable of once that pot belly of his disappears.

In other good news, it seems like our primavera talents , Simone Romagnoli, Michelangelo Albertazzi and Simone Verdi have been sent out on loans. They are among those few Primavera youngsters from whom much is expected and it’s obvious that at a Huge club like Milan they won’t be getting much playing time. Just Like Alexander Merkel who has been sent to Genoa to get some playing time, Verdi has been send to Olhanense in the Portuguese Second division. Some might argue that verdi is too young and should play in primavera for another year, Well Galliani knows best.

Albertazzi who last season reached the Semi finals of the Primavera Coppa Italia is likely to move to Bari who play in Serie B this season. Simone Romagnoli who had a great season at Foggia last year coached by the notorious Zdenek Zeman is being courted by Reggina. Great moves by Galliani, Milan certainly need to develop their young. Look at what it did for barcelona.

Lastly It appears that Erik Lamela, Long being courted by Milan and touted the next whoever, is now being courted by Napoli. Is it because Napoli are resigned to Losing Hamsik to Milan ? It was always deemed that Lamela though he remains a hot prospect for the future is too young to simply walk into Milanello and take his place in the first 11. It was clear since day one of the mercato that milan need a super creative midfielder who can make hollywood long through balls from day 1. Could it be and this is a huge speculation,-that Milan are signing Hamsik and Letting Napoli take over Lamela ? As with everything There is bound to be a huge divide between fans over this.

Milan and inter also interested in singing Juraj Kucka from Genoa. The deal will involve letting the player run out another season at Genoa before lapping him up in 2012. Well, Inter always got to have what we want. They are worse than manchester city, who by the way have a sudden new found interest in El Shaarawy. Well too bad, he’s already ours. They can have Seedorf for €56m and we will throw in Oddo for free. All Milanista’s will agree to this transfer for sure. Now if only Inter would appoint Dunga as their coach this transfer season would be complete.