Massimiliano Allegri Vacations in Capri with Girlfriend Gloria Patrizi

Far from the world of football and the stress that comes from managing a team like Milan, Massimiliano Allegri is currently enjoying a vacation in Capri with his 25 year old Playboy Playmate girlfriend, Gloria Patrizi.

Strikingly different from his average day at Milanello, where he spends his time formulating tactics, participating in penalty contests and shouting dai dai dai, Allegri has been spending time jumping off of yachts and spending quality time with his girlfriend phone. Looks like Galliani wont leave Allegri alone even when latter is parked in the middle of the ocean.

What’s strange is that given their weakness for beautiful women of a considerably younger age, you’d think that Allegri and Silvio Berlusconi would be thick as thieves. However as things stand currently, Allegri is highly unlikely to be a name on the guestlist of the next Berlusconi bunga bunga soiree.

Photos Courtsey Oggi