Milan Beat Genoa But Lose the Fans Confidence !

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Every Since the Controversial Loss to Barcelona, things have not been the same at Milanello.All through the season, the Rossoneri have challenged for the Scudetto in spite of Massive injuries and controversial refereeing. In this final hour of the title showdown Things seem to have shifted for the worse. Has the unflappable Team Spirit Disappeared ?

Is it Mr.Allegri ?

Albert Einstein said that, “Insanity is, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Going by that Logic Max Allegri should be in an asylum right now. Don’t get me wrong, I like Allegri and would like him to stay on next season as i am curious to see what he can do given quality players.

The problem i have is with his on-field decisions and his inability to create a Plan B or even timely In-Match Tweaks. Is it the unwillingness to Take risks ? or the Mental Drain ?

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Dis-Harmony ?

Right Now, we have a squad which is stuck in a chaotic moment. Seedorf has problems with Allegri and is washing his dirt in public, Berlusconi is talking about Guardiola and the mental drain is apparent within the team. This is a team without a leader.

There’s disappointment and stress to be handled. Wether it’s those who’ve been out injured for long or Those that warm the bench, when they should be used to rest the mentally and physically fatigued regulars. Guys like Zlatan and Nocerino, who virtually started every game this campaign must be mentally and physically Exhausted and that perhaps is the reason for their Lack of initiative in the recent games.

..and of course the Midfield

The lack of creativity in midfield is a big problem. For too long now it’s just been a lot of passing around, There’s no one to give that final ball, the key pass. Even worse, is the fact that we can’t hold the ball and move it around the midfield either. We need Zlatan to come very deep and help move the ball forward. Him dropping deep would be good to add unpredictability to our play when we have someone ahead of him that can score off those chances. But he has to do it coz he’s the only creative player and without him dropping deep the team has trouble advancing the ball. That just make our attacking plays very easy to read and defend against.

Even the bad teams of Serie A know how to play against Milan. Just put two men on Zlatan to deal with the long balls from the defense. It’s clear that, Our Defense doesn’t trust our Midfield to make Key passes and who can blame them. Creatively, it’s a lot better when we have Cassano on the pitch.

Not to Forget Thiago Silva

Absence of Thiago Silva has cost us dear. Apart from being a defensive wall along with Nesta, he is a very good direct passer. His passes to midfield might not jump out but they are positioned well so that the midfielder won’t need to run a few steps before controlling the ball or start chasing it. The target midfielder can already start thinking about his next move to get the ball forward. If Silva was playing, I doubt Fiorentina could have taken points from Milan. Afterall he’s the one defender Robin Van Persie is most afraid of in Europe.

Still 4 games to go..

Thiago Should be back from the injury this weekend. Cassano is back and so is Boateng. Urby has proved that he can be a Left back with crossing abilities (2 Game winning crosses in last 2 games) and lastly Zlatan, I hope can keep his head cool, especially since he is one yellow card away from suspension.

Though we have a slim hope to win the Scudetto its good that we got the 3 points Vs Genoa and kept the hope and the Pressure on Juventus alive. Believing costs nothing, and I will keep on believing until the end. Remember, it’s not over till the Old Lady Sinks !