Milan’s New Signing from Ajax : Urby Emanuelson

The evening before Milan’s Champions league game with Ajax Amsterdam,Jaap Stam,the legendary Milan defender had dinner with Adriano Galliani and Ariedo Braida (Director at Milan), and as it happens, the talk of Milan’s fullback woes came up.Stam,being a true Milanista recommended the name of Urby Emanuelson of Ajax.Stam’s logic was that since Milan play with almost 3 attackers always and a compact midfield , there is a lot of space for a full back to explore which Milan’s current fullbacks are simply not capable of doing.

After following Emanuelson for quite a while,it was announced today that he has been signed up by Milan and they are looking at getting him in the January Transfer window.Since this news announced there were two kinds of reactions from Milan fans.

First , “Urby who ?” and second, “But he can’t defend “.With Milan badly in need of defensive prowess,especially around the left flank why sign a player whose wikipedia page describes him as a “bad defender” ?

Now let’s clarify a few things first, Emanuelson is not really your typical italian left full back. He is more of a left midfielder who can be deployed as a left wing back.How does this work for Milan ?

In Serie A barring the top 5 teams, most teams will choose to play ultra defensively against an attack like Milan and with 3 midfielder who are anyways defense minded,Milan run short of creative attacking options especially from the flanks as we saw against Lecce.Even a blind man can tell that Antonini and Bonera (who apparently is our fullback now) simply provide nothing while going up the pitch.

Emanuelson can change all that as he’s good at dribbling, passing the ball around and more importantly curling in a mean cross from the flanks.He possesses the speed of Abate except that he can do everything Abate does a lot better.Milan need such a player in their ranks to win the Scudetto.

Not only is he a similar player to Serginho, Emanuelson can emulate Serginho by playing a more attacking role against weaker teams or in situations when we need to go all out to score a goal.The space lying open on the left flank by playing an attacking trident will benefit Emanuelson because of his speed and the technical abilities he has known to exhibit.

Hopefully,Coming to a club like Milan will only motivate him to train better and expand on the classy skills that he already possesses.If we can turn Abate into a decent right back then imagine what we can do with someone who already is talented.

The drawback in this deal is that Emanuelson is cup tied for this season, as he already featured in the Champions League For Ajax.if he comes before the january window closes then Milan definitely can’t use him in the Champions League.

However Kudos to Galliani for pulling off another coup, working quietly in the background to get a talented player. Hopefully he should arrive in the January window as Ariedo Braida is already in Amsterdam trying to negotiate a price for a january release.If not then he will arrive for free in july as his contract expires then.

In any case, BENVENUTO URBY !!