“My Dream is to Wear the No.7 Jersey for Milan” – Simone Verdi

Simone Verdi Acmilan

The dream is Milan,the reality- Turin.Both very different schools, but at the same time his aim is to grow and establish himself in the field. Walking through Turin with the innocence of a nineteen year Simone Verdi gets excited when he remembers his first audition with the Rossoneri.

“When I arrived for the first time at Milan, i remember the youth players watching me in a somewhat strange fashion, perhaps wondering how good i was ? There was the fear of scrutiny by others and at the same time, the awareness progress from an early age:”

Introverted as ever, as is typical of a resident of Pavia, Verdi lights up and gets excited when he starts to tell the story of his First Goal at San Siro

“I remember it all right. Strasser recovered the ball in midfield and I, who was playing off right behind Zigoni, almost central position, however, i started from the left and dribbled on and then I turned and shot it in. “

What does it mean to be Simon Verdi as a player of Torino in Turin than when you were in Milan?

“When I walk through the city almost no one recognizes me. I Do not feel much pressure from the expectations of people.Indeed everything is very calm and very quiet and this makes me live peacefully. Of course, wear this shirt is a source of pride and the support gives you an incentive to do well even though my dream is to play with AC Milan and wear the jersey number 7, my favorite.