Napoli wants €30m for Hamsik.Braida Meets Ganso’s People.

At least in the past few days one thing has been made clear that Milan want Hamsik and he’s also very open to the idea. Yesterday Cesare Maldini went on record saying that Hamsik could be the missing link between Milan and Champions League title. Fan opinion is divided about Hamsik, what with choices like Ganso and Fabregas being rumored about.

Napoli put a tag of €40m on Hamsik, which even a child would say is simply ridiculous. Do they even remember how we bought Ibra last season ? and they still expect us to pay €40m ? Heck Galliani and Raiola will buy their whole team in €40 m. Eventually Napoli have put a tag of €30m on Hamsik however Milan are unlikely to be offering anything more than €25m.

With Hamsik likely to be gone, Palermo are in a hurry to force Pastore down Napoli’s throat for €40m, of course on a installment basis. Since there have been multiple reports out of italy linking Pastore to Napoli, they are in turn strengthening the logic that Hamsik is now a go-go and most probably to Milan.

Another report claimed that since Hamsik wants only Milan, we will throw in Urby Emmanuelson for Napoli so that the loss of Hamsik isn’t too hard on them, however Urby’s agent has denied that his client wants to go anywhere else.

Ariedo Braida had a meeting with Gaetano Paolillo earlier this evening at Giannino. Paolillo is an agent whose primary work area is South America, Brazil to be specific. He’s close to a lot of in demand Brazilian Talent including Ganso and Danilo, 2 players that Milan are interested in. Nothing official has been reported yet but apart from Danilo’s availability and Ganso’s price there’s nothing else left to discuss. Perhaps Paolillo can be our Raiola in South America.

As far as Danilo is concerned, Milan are definitely interested however all depends on the Non-EU quota hearing on the 5th of July. Milan are unlikely to make any big moves before that.

In any case it’s expected that Braida will fly to Argentina to watch Brazil’s first Copa America game and the final call or a bid on Ganso would be made post that. It seems that Milan might be a bit concerned about his injuries,otherwise this deal for Ganso shouldn’t have taken so long.

Continuing with dinner plans, Galliani met Preziosi again for dinner. These two seem to be breaking a lot of bread together, if the transfer market wasn’t open i’d say that they were having an affair or something. Anyways Milan are interested in Kucka and so are Inter, hence it’s likely that Galliani went to warm Preziosi up to the idea of giving us Kucka in 2012, which is a great idea for both the parties. Also on the table could be a plan to bring Vidal to Milan through Genoa as was done in Boateng’s case last year.

It’s also reported that , IF and only if, teams in SerieA are allowed to register 2 non-EU players (post the 5th July hearing) then Galliani will finish the deals for Ganso/Danilo or Vidal as Taiwo is most likely to get a French Passport. The interesting part is that, it’s being reported that after that Galliani,Braida and Raiola will then go to london to talk about Cesc and only and if only Cesc says “yes he would like to play for Milan” then Galliani will talk to Berlusconi about how to buy him. As we have always maintained, everything depends on Barcelona and Milan, in order to maintain healthy relations, have been willing to let them have the first shot.

Although the latest reports say that Barcelona are a bit concerned about Fabregas’ fitness. It just seems like a silly ploy to reduce the asking price however after showing their undying love for Fabregas publicly for a few years now, no mind game will make Arsenal lower their asking rate at all. Barcelona need a class from Galliani in Transfer 101.

In other irrelevant news, Oneywu has moved to Sporting Lisbon for free.For free ?? well he had two years left on his contract, and it’s a mystery to me why he was let go for free ? Milan could’ve made a little cash on this. Is this a ploy to create some sort of feeder club relations with Sporting ? I surely hope so.

And Lastly Milan have been linked again with Angelo Ogbonna, the young promising italian Defender who was of prime interest to Arsenal not so long ago. the interesting thing is that although Ogbonna plays in serie B and is only 23, he was recently called up to the Senior Italy squad by Prandelli. that must certainly he’s one to look out for in the future.