Official: Mark Van Bommel Joins Milan from Bayern

The transfer most Milan fans were dreading is finally done. 33 year old Mark Van Bommel joins AC Milan as their latest winter signing. The Milan fan’s reluctance is not just due to his age but also because of his on field behavior.

Milan squad might already consist enough ‘bad boys’ to give Allegri nightmares however Bommel isn’t just a hard partying bad boy driving fast cars. He’s famous for his on field foul behavior and liberal beliefs in executing martial arts moves on a football field.

However since the transfer is done, why not take a look at some of the positive that might come along with this transfer.

1. Although the exact details are not revealed, but this is certain to be a Cheap or maybe even a free transfer.With 6 months remaining on his contract and a tiff with the coach, Bayern couldn’t possibly have holed out for a substantial sum of money.

2. Van Bommel is arguably a world class Defensive Midfielder with enough experience in the top tier of european football.

3. He will add the much needed depth to Milan’s injury prone midfield.As has been seen,Flamini is injury-prone, Ambrosini was injury-prone for many years and is now old, Gattuso gets injured as his legs just can’t support his bulldog instincts anymore. Van Bommel is physically a rock and can step in for any of them.

4. Though it might seem far fetched but he could bring a vital killer leadership element to the team. Neither Ambrosini or Gattuso are particularly good captains who can inspire the team now. Pirlo, Seedorf & Nesta are even worse and most of it all, all the 5 go to the hospital very often.
Van Bommel comes from the Roy Keane school of leadership. He can be counted upon to add fighting spirit to the team.Especially a team with budding inexperienced talent like Merkel and Strasser.

5. Lastly his height(1m87) and overall physical build makes him a important peg in the free-kick wall. Milan could use strong aerial challenge in the midfield and Van Bommel would be glad to provide that.

A 6 month deal for free or half a million (unconfirmed) for a sturdy player is a good deal.He will be an important addition for Milan’s Serie A chase. A player like Mark Van Bommel is much preferred to Ambrosini and maybe even Gattuso.

Benvenuto Van Bommel