Tevez Transfer to Milan – The timeline

All The Updates of The Carlos Tevez – AC Milan deal in One Place here

Updates Feburary 1st

  • Guardiola confirmed that Barcelona had received an offer to buy Carlos Tevez from Manchester City. Barça declined the offer.
    “We considered the possibility but we value the players in our own academy highly and expect them to graduate as world class players” Guardiola said.

  • While in Milan,Berlusconi had a meeting with Galliani and his children.Without the support of his heirs Berlusconi didn’t want to put more money in Milan.Berlusconi is not the same man of Power anymore.All the Lawsuits,Fines and the loss of Prime Ministership have weakened his influence
  • Berlusconi’s Children are not keen to Put in amy more money into Milan.Barbara Berlusconi was also at that meeting and despite her deep commitment to Milan was not in favor of putting in money to Buy Tevez.
  • In the end Berlusconi decided that no more Money would be thrown in for new transfers
  • Berlusconi instructed Galliani to do the Tevez deal based on the old Offer that was made to City thereby refusing to accept any Penalty clause.City had declined that offer before and yesterday again they refused to accept that deal.

Updates January 31

  • Galliani will make a ‘Behind Closed doors’ offer for Tevez and also aims to mend the relationship with City which has soured over this Tevez affair
  • PSG have re-opened talks with AC Milan over Pato. If that deal is done, expect Tevez to move to Milan
  • Catalan media reports that City tried to Sell Tevez to Barcelona but they refused
  • Sky Claims that Milan are ready to guarantee a £7m penalty clause and get Carlos on loan today.Earlier Sky had said that Berlusconi said a staunch no to the £8m Penalty clause

Updates January 30

  • Berlusconi is in a meeting with His Kids as Galliani waits on him for an Ok.Seems Galliani has a deal in place for Tevez
  • Liverpool have reportedly made a bid to swap Andy Carroll with Carlos Tevez
  • Manchester City would be willing to do the deal with an option to buy for £23 million but only if they have the ‘guarantee’ of the £8m penalty
  • Giuseppe Riso is with Galliani
  • “We wanted two strikers,one is Maxi Lopez the other hasn’t arrived.The market is nearly closed but it shouldn’t be said that another arrival is not possible.We thought our deals were done on August 31 and then we got Nocerino.” – Galliani
  • “Tevez will only come if City gifts him” – Galliani
  • After meeting Allegri Galliani Met Riso and decided to Make one last offer for Tevez tomorrow Morning
  • DiMarzio has said that Tevez will not come and stay at Man City till the summer.
  • Mancini is apparently angry with City coz according to him if a player wants out he should be let go and not kept in as he could create problems
  • Mancini and City plan to re-integrate Tevez into the team

Updates January 29

  • Pedulla is saying that Milan will make one more attempt for Tevez in the January Window.Sky reports the same thing
  • SportsMediaSet claims that Tevez deal is not even close to finishing
  • The only Thing that Separates Milan from Tevez is the €8m Penalty for not buying Tevez after the Loan is finished
  • Berlusconi is not happy with the Maxi Transfer and wants A Star Player.
  • Berlusconi has given a Go ahead to bring Tevez
  • Negotiations are back on between Milan and City
  • As Galliani has said some time back, The Tevez story won’t be over till the last day of the Transfer Window
  • Maxi Lopez was going to come even if Milan had bought Tevez.Galliani intended to also use Maxi to put pressure on Man City
  • New Development could come as soon as during the Cagliari Match

Updates January 28

  • Tevez deal is off again.City have refused to succumb to Joorabchian and Milan’s demands.They still want their price and they want an Obligation to buy if it’s a loan.Milan refused to meet those demands and sadly Galliani was not able to take advantage of this situation as he would have liked
  • The last offer was – Loan deal Plus obligation to buy in case we sold Robinho/Pato.If we don’t sell Robinho or PAto then Tevez would be on a Loan deal for a year and then he would be bought.In case Tevez did not end up at Milan permanently city wanted to impose a €7m Penalty
  • “We will talk to city again in june” – Galliani
  • “Tevez was ready to fly to Italy. I would like to publicly thank him for waiting.” – Galliani

Updates January 27

  • Looks Like Tevez will travel to England today to Finish this deal
  • Galliani has said that by 7 or 7:30PM today we would’ve signed a new player
  • “If Carlos doesn’t leave Manchester City this winter I do not exclude the possibility that he’ll join PSG this summer.Carlos believes in project, he’s spoken with Carlo Ancelotti, one of the best coaches in the world and Leonardo. Paris may be a possibility. If he doesn’t sign for any of Milan teams, Paris could be a solution” – Kia Joorabchian in L’Equipe
  • Milan have sent an offer to City Via email and expect an answer by 7 PM today. After that Galliani will withdraw the offer for Tevez

Updates January 26

  • Phone Negotiations for Tevez will start Today Afternoon.Milan are willing to pay €3-4m for the loan but city ask for €8m
  • City will accept €5m for the 17 months loan and an option to buy for €16m
  • Though City are Keen to Close the deal today some reports claim that City will only accept a 2 year loan with obligation to buy in 2013.Well The way Galliani has been plotting his moves, this looks highly unlikely
  • Sky reports that we are closing in on Tevez and pay €3m for the loan deal.City is ready to Negotiate.Maxi Lopez will stay in Catania till the Summer and be Pippo’s replacement.
  • City could sue Tevez for a total of £12m for attempting to sabotage his own Transfer Value
  • Carlos Jimenez, Tevez’s close friend says that Everyone close to him is very worried about his future as he Must leave Manchester by 31st January.They are also worried that City are so Angry that they won’t sell him or Terminate his contract and thereby force him to be out of action for two years.
  • Riso said that the deal for Tevez will not close today
  • “For Tevez we still needs to reach an agreement with City” – Galliani
  • “Both Tevez and Lopez want to come to Milan” – Galliani

Updates January 25

  • Al Mubarak, the chairman of Manchester City has warned Tevez and AC Milan that City will not Sell the Argentine striker unless Milan meet their valuation and adopt a more professional approach.Read all of AL Mubarak’s Comments here
  • “Milan’s new offer will be €4-5m for the loan + Option to buy” – Paul Bargiggia [Mediaset Journalist]

Updates January 24

  • “Galliani will travel to London tommorrow” – Pedullà
  • “Milan are doing everything to Get Tevez ” – Raiola
  • “Milan will get Tevez” – Franco Zavaglia
  • DiMarzio has said that Tevez and Lopez will only come if Pato is sold to PSG.Otherwise only one of them will come
  • Gazetta is reporting that City May indeed Loan Tevez to us
  • SKY says that Galliani will only go to London if City are ready to Negotiate and Don’t say an outright No.
  • Now Milan will offer loan for 17 months with an option to buy for €21m.This is in order to ensure that Tevez doesn’t return to City right away and give Milan time to Buy him or Give City to find another buyer for him
  • TuttoMercato reprots that PSG are out of the race for Tevez and City will most likely accept Milan’s Loan Deal
  • SKy Italia and Sky English both report that City will agree to a Free Loan with an option to buy
  • Galliani has given City untill Friday for an answer.

Updates January 23

  • Tevez to have a face to face meeting with City
  • Milan will get Maxi Lopez on Loan but will not give up on Tevez
  • Milan wait for Important news from City about Tevez
  • Galliani has said that If Tevez doesn’t come then they will go for Maxi Lopez
  • “Thanks to PSG but i see myself in a red and black shirt” – Tevez
  • Joorabchian will have a meeting with City Tonight
  • Galliani On Maxi Lopez – “The situation is very simple, we have an agreement with Catania and the agreement with the player.The medical? Take it easy, let’s see … We’ll wait for a few more days . Maxi Lopez is a player that interests us very much, is very likely to arrive”
  • Galliani On Tevez- “Does he want to join Milan? Yes.We also want Tevez. Have I phoned him? Yes.We’ll see, there are still seven days before the end of the transfer market.If Tevez doesn’t sign then Maxi Lopez will. It will be one or the other, certainly not both. The situation is very clear, City and Paris Saint Germain know that, Catania and Maxi Lopez know that.”

Updates January 22

  • Luca Serafini, Sportmediaset journalist has said that Tevez will come to Milan
  • Reportedly Tevez has called Man City in an effort to Leave quickly

Updates January 21

  • Riso has said that Tevez deal with PSG collapsed coz he wants only Milan
  • “Tevez? He will be a Milan player if he signs the contract. But the management takes care of these things. I’m calm.” – Allegri
  • Tevez threatening to sue City for Harassement
  • Milan will take Maxi Lopez in case Tevez deal fails

UPDATES January 20

  • PSG had an offer of €37m for Tevez (€11m contract).They were said to be very close to signing Tevez
  • Joorabchian flew to Paris and returned the same day as Tevez declined to Play for PSG
  • Tevez has again stated that he wants only Milan.He also mentioned that Money is not a problem for him.French media also reports that Tevez said no to PSG and wants only Milan
  • Leonardo: “There is not an agreement with Tevez, and probably never will be.”
  • Galliani Will meet Man City after the Novara Game
  • Gianluca DiMarzio and Luca Marchetti both say that Tevez wants Milan and is willing to take a paycut.Also that the meeting between Leonardo and Jorabchian ended badly and PSG is a no go
  • At one point PSG put a message on their site welcoming Tevez to Paris

    psg site tevez

UPDATES January 19

  • Again some new rumors suggesting that Joorabchian is in Paris to talk to Leonardo
  • Everybody even remotely attached to Italian football keeps proclaiming how Tevez will come only to Milan
  • Joorabchian is not in Paris he has missed the meeting with PSG and stayed in London where he is at the Taiwo-QPR meeting
  • SKY reports that Tevez does not want to move to PSG and wants to wait for Milan

UPDATES January 17

  • After City rejected Inter’s bid for Tevez, Joorabchian wants Galliani to come to Manchester for another meeting.Tuttomercato says
  • Moratti is ready to increase his offer for Tevez to €28m
  • Ranieri has said that Inter won’t be signing Tevez
  • French Media reports that Tevez will accept PSG’s €7m a year deal.They even say that he’s expected in Paris tommo to sign a contract
  • Goal reports that Inter are trying to lower Tevez’s price by offsetting €7m they are still owed from Balotelli’s move to City in 2010
  • “Tevez will go to Milan.”-Enrico Bronzetti
  • Man City statement to AFP: “It is simply not true. Manchester City has not received any offers from PSG for Carlos Tevez.”

UPDATES January 16

  • PSG to bid for Tevez and offer him a contract of €10m
  • It’s said that City rejected Inter’s €25m offer for Tevez as being too low
  • Sky says that Inter will not bid for Tevez and that PSG are very close to signing Damiao
  • Joorabchian to Meet City officials again in a few days and reiterate Tevez’s desire to play for Milan

UPDATES January 14

  • Moggi has said that Tevez will come to Milan.Galliani didn’t go to brazil and london for nothing
  • Joorabchian has said that the talks between Milan and City are not over yet and there will be more meetings
  • Joorabchian also said that,“Carlitos owes a huge debt of gratitude to Corinthians, but they have to accept the fact he will play for Milan”
  • Sky reports that Galliani will meet City again on Thursday and offer them €3m Loan + €20m option to buy

UPDATES January 13

  • so apparently Tevez is still hung up on Milan,While Galliani still wants to make City accept the Loan+option to buy deal
  • Gianluca Di Marzio has said that : “If yesterday Galliani had not received the call from Pato, Tévez deal would’ve been done. Now City, and maybe even Milan think that Inter will not come back in for Tevez And Moratti will have to decide what to do, perhaps after the derby. The Rossoneri will try once more by the end of January asking for the loan with option to buy but the City does not look ready to give in and still wants obligation to buy. Pato? By now, most will not go to PSG in my opinion.”
  • “I know something of Tevez but i keep it to myself”- Galliani

    More Galliani comments and London Meeting Videos

  • Luca Serafini, a noted journalist says that “There is another twist coming in this story”
  • City remain Furious at Galliani for trying to be a Clever fox and holding out for a cheaper deal
  • Ancelotti has confirmed that PSG had an agreement with Milan for Pato and Pato Called off the deal by saying No to the transfer
  • British papers seem convinced that the real alternative for Tevez remains Milan and come 31st Jan we will see him in a rossoneri shirt
  • The Tevez story is definitely not over.Galliani had agreed to pay €6m wages to Tevez.When PSG came for Tevez,Joorabchian asked them for €10m Wages to which Leonardo said no.This was Galliani and Joorabchian’s trick to eliminate PSG from the chase
  • David Platt,Mancini’s assistant said today that “Tevez could stay at Man City” if City don’t get a good deal

UPDATES January 12

  • The offer Milan will give to City today is : Free loan + an obligation to buy set at €25m + €3m in bonuses.
  • Mancini expects the deal for Tevez to be done before the Month End
  • Enrico Preziosi(Genoa President) has Confirmed his involvement in the Tevez deal but he would rather Galliani Speak to the media about all these matters.”I am just the performer not the director”,he said
  • Alessandro Lucci,the FIFA agent involved in the Djamel Mesbah deal said that,”Milan will take Tevez as the player has pledged loyalty to them.There is a charm in being a Rossonero that convinces players.Galliani has gone to Manchester,when he comes back Tevez will be a Milan player.”
  • Gianluca DiMarzio also claims that The meeting today will be decisive for Tevez’s future.
  • Galliani,Giuseppe Riso and Cantamessa Jr.(Milan Lawyer) have landed at Luton Airport.Now Joorabchian’s private car will take them to the meeting with City.The Meeting is scheduled for Lunch Time.
  • Carlo Pellegatti is saying that With the Tevez Signing Complete, Galliani will give a Green light to Pato’s Transfer to PSG.
  • Alessandro Sugoni(Sky) says that “As long as Milan’s offer is close to Inter’s the deal will go in favor of the Rossoneri as they have an agreement with the player.This trip of Galliani is like his trip to Barcelona for Ibrahimovic.Milan leadership want to present Tevez before the Milan derby.”
  • News emerges that Merkel will NOT be included in the Tevez deal.He will remain in Genoa
  • “I think Tevez will go to Milan” – Moratti
  • Milannews says that Tevez could arrive in Italy on saturday and be presented on Sunday before the Derby
  • The parties are close to signing the papers formalizing the transfer

  • Max allegri is present in the meeting via phone
  • Galliani has said that Tevez will not be joining Milan
  • Tevez is already being pursued by PSG,they have reportedly put in a bid of €30m
  • MilanNews reports that Pato was a PSG player ready to leave from Milanello to go to Paris and sign the papers.Then the duck changed his mind and decided to remain in Milan,Just when the papers were laid out and all Man City had to do was sign them.With Pato’s change of heart Galliani Promptly called off the deal for Tevez.

  • Galliani got a call from Berlusconi,telling him to call off the transfer
  • Gianluca DiMarzio writes that “Pato was ready to go to PSG and Tevez to Milan but right after the training,Pato communicated his decision to reject PSG and stay at Milan.That in turn forced Galliani to go back to proposing his previous offer for Tevez which in first place was not satisfactory for Man City and as a result the deal is off.
  • Barbara Berlusconi has made it known that she was aware of Pato’s deal and was in Agreement with her father to block Pato’s move to PSG
  • ESPN soccernet also reports that City are also insisting that the total deal meet their evaluation of €35m
  • “Will i call city again for tevez ?we’ll see but i am happy with Pato’s decision,since Pato has chosen to stay at Milan,i hope he can do well for us” – Galliani
  • Mediaset says that Tevez has again called his agent and said that he wants only Milan

UPDATES January 11

  • Mancini said that He knows of Inter’s interest only through the papers
  • Reports came yesterday that Inter have e-mailed an offer to City
  • Tevez today said “Inter ? Let’s talk” while his agent keeps saying that Tevez wants only Milan
  • Man City have apparently still not rejected Milan’s offer.It could be two things, either they are so fed up that they are not bothered or more likely they just want to keep all leads alive
  • Yesterday There was a report that Mancini is interested in Merkel.Today there’s a news saying that Milan will meet Genoa on Friday to discuss the return of Merkel to Milan
  • According to sky,Galliani will travel to England tomorrow to meet with City about Tevez.Joorabchian will also be there.
  • There is also a rumor that Genoa could be involved in this transfer.In case Tevez fails at Milan he would be then sold to Genoa,Galliani has asked Preziosi to be a part of this transfer.
  • Vito de Palma (a well-known Italian journalist) said that the Tevez deal will most likely be finished by Friday

Updates till 9th January

  • Tevez and Agent met Galliani in Brazil proclaiming that they only want Milan and no one else
  • Galliani said that they have a deal in place as most Milan went around saying that they would Love Tevez in Milan
  • Milan made a loan plus a buy out clause (Total €23m)only activated after a certain number of games are played
  • Man City apparently annoyed by Galliani’s haggling and Tevez’s attitude

Detailed Report

The last we saw or head about the Carlos Tevez transfer was the picture of Galliani in Brazil with Tevez and his agent.Here’s the whole story…Since then, Milan have made a bid of €3m Loan + €20m obligation to buy only if Tevez plays at least 50% of Milan’s remaining games of the season.Both Galliani and Joorabchian (tevez’s agent) were very sure that City would accept this much improved offer.Inter were rumored to be interested in Tevez and some even claimed that the Nerazzuri had put in a bid.

Inter released a official statement saying that they don’t intend to hi-jack Milan’s Tevez deal and will only make a move if City rejects Milan’s offer.Even though the british papers constantly reported that Inter representatives were in London to talk with City.

Around the same day, the picture of Tevez and Galliani emerged all over the internet smiling and brunching around Rio De janeiro.Seems that, An impatient Tevez hopped on a private Jet with his wife and ended up in Rio to meet Galliani over lunch.

His agent, Joorabchian proclaimed that they want this deal to be done as soon as possible as Tevez is eager to get back to the field and has even been training all this while that he’s not been getting any First Team Football.It was even being reported that Tevez has already found a house in Milan.

And then started a turning of events. Sick of Galliani’s Lowballing over the sale price, City rejected the new and ‘improved’ Milan offer.City said that it was wrong of Tevez and his agent to go to Brazil and proclaim the deal as good as over.City officials also claimed that Tevez wants to accept the deal that will yield the least amount of Money for city.

Inter in the meantime presented a official written Offer for Tevez to Man City.English media is reporting that this offer is rumored to be around €25m.The word now is that Milan will have to up the offer if they want to continue dealing with City over Tevez.

Will Galliani Make an improved offer ? thereby entering in a bidding war with Inter.If Man City don’t let Tevez move to Milan then will he accept Inter’s offer Just because he’s desperate to get back into action ? Or is Galliani supremely confident in his agreement with Tevez and is calling City’s Bluff ?

Tevez is a great signing for any club though in reality Milan are not in need of attackers.The main advantage of the Tevez deal is the price at which a player of his class will be bought,that’s the advantage that Galliani is looking to leverage.Massimo Moratti thinks otherwise.Another long transfer saga for the Rossoneri ? Looks like it.

teams interested in tevez