Thank You Genoa. Hello Barca !

Even with ten men on the field, Milan were destined to win the match Vs Genoa thanks to a 2 goal lead but As Referee Domato blew the final whistle i was terribly relieved. Sure, We secured a hard fought 2-0 win and more importantly 3 crucial away points but the way Genoa were thrusting them at our players, i was scared that we’d end up with quite a few grave injury situations. In the end however, this match was perhaps exactly what we needed.

Genoa have struggled in Serie A this season and are desperate to avoid relegation. As the clock ticked and the referee lost control of the match, Genoa players shamelessly hacked at our players and played the kind of aggressive game that would have made Don Revie proud. While i am furious at the tackle on Pazzini and the Red card for Constant, this ended up being a good practice game for the upcoming clash Vs Barcelona.

On Friday our players battled to win a crucial match. Something they need to do at Nou Camp on Tuesday. It was also an important experience for the younger players who would have learnt a lot about How to fight for an ugly win. Something they might need to do at Nou Camp on Tuesday. It’s not often that we’re dominated for possession in Serie A, but Genoa did it by pressing high and being extremely aggressively. Something Barcelona will surely do on Tuesday.

After-all there’s not much difference between their situations.Genoa are desperate to stay in Serie A and Barcelona desperate to stay in the Champions League. While Genoa relied on their fouls to dampen Milan, Barca will rely on their theatrics.

Already,Iniesta is willing to put his hand on fire to prove that they will proceed to the next round. Dani Alves goes ten steps ahead and is ready to immolate his whole body. Their players and coaches have been obnoxiously vocal about the confidence running high through the Player’s little bunk beds at Nou Camp. With all this burning and talking i wonder when do they get the time to train ?

Meanwhile, Spanish newspapers are full of quotes about Barca’s belief in the fact that they will proceed to the next round. However all it takes is one goal from Milan and Barca will have have to dive and cheat their way to 4 goals in order to qualify. Perhaps Bojan can score one.

Milan were written off by the whole footballing world before the first leg at San Siro and yet we taught Barca a lesson in effective football. Now Barca know that that they need to sweat blood and tears to knock us out of Champions League and our Fearless Lions are ready for them.