The Curious Case of Alexandre Pato

One fine day Earlier in January of this year there was a news across the inter-webs that shocked Milanisti everywhere. Alexandre Pato was packing his bags at Milanello and was on his way to PSG.The outpouring of grief was collective and a million wishes were exhausted praying for Pato not to leave.

The wishes eventually were granted and all was well and happy at Milanello again- At least for the time being. Pato since then has been injured for the most part and his comeback has been less than glorious.Not what was expected from the rising star of two years ago.

Last night after scoring the tap in goal Vs Anderlecht, which was beautifully assisted by a very talented El shaarawy,Pato did not look a happy camper.In El Shaarawy he sees the young future star, Something Pato was not so long ago.

The reality is that Pato hasn’t played so much because of his recurring injuries and When he does play,the performance is of unacceptably low standards. He appears nervous on the pitch, scared to shoot and uncomfortable in a 3 man attack, wether it’s with El Shaarawy at Milan or with Neymar at Brazil. His sensational first minute goal against Barcelona at Nou Camp is a memory begging to fade from our memories.

Milan fans can’t help but wish for a time machine so that they could go back to January and sell Pato.That certainly would’ve resulted in a certain Mr.Tevez coming to Milan.With that kind of firepower Milan probably would have won the Serie A and the sale of Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva wouldn’t have happened.

Imagine a Milan team with Montolivo, Acerbi and a few defensive signings in addition to the above mentioned players.Sadly all that we Milanisti can do is ponder and sigh.One key decision gone wrong in January and Milan are in a situation they have never been under the Berlusconi regime.

After the match last night, Instead of celebrating his goal or Milan’s progress to the next round, Pato chose to comment on the fact that he’s not being played enough and that he intends to talk to his agent to discuss a possible future move. Not the kind of comments you’d like to hear from one of the tenured players, especially the one dating a board member.

Last year it was Ibrahimovic whose dominating shadow made Pato uncomfortable. This year it’s El Shaarawy whose scintillating performances have pushed Pato to the bench.

Perhaps if he put his head down and showed his true potential instead of worrying about others on the team, he and the team would be much better off.An attack comprising of El Shaarawy, Bojan and Pato is undeniably a mouth watering proposition. However ,It’s a pity that at mere 23 years of age his exit from Milan looks imminent.