The Milan Machine win In Catania !

Titles are won by winning shitty games like the one Milan played over the weekend at Catania. This was quite simply our most important victory of the season as This is what makes championship winning sides. The character, sacrifice and determination. To look your teammate in the eye and put all your trust in him. Milan winning away at Catania with ten men 6 of whom were defenders(thanks to a terrible injury crisis) demonstrated just that.

The reason why Milan keep on winning is that everybody plays for the team this season.Were turning into a machine, as was clearly demonstrated in the game VS Catania. As anyone who follows Serie A knows that getting 3 points away at Catania is hard enough, but to get them with only 10 men, that’s just beautiful !

With 11 men out injured, Milan got a player sent off at 0-0 and Still win the game 2-0 in an away against a team that had only lost at home against Inter Merda and Juventus. Excellent result, stuff of champions.

It’s not just a fan opinion but of anyone who understands football that Van Bommel’s second yellow card was undeserved. He got that card only because he is Van bommel. Thats what happens to rough tough guys like Van Bommel and Gattuso, the referee’s don’t give them a benefit of doubt. The referee didn’t raise his hand with the yellow card till he saw Van Bommel’s face. Minutes before that Robinho was hit off the ball by Spolli, and since he was already on a yellow he should have got a red, however it passed through the referee’s radar.

For their part Catania players play acted and fell like 9 pins. However that unjustified red card pushed everyone to play their hearts out and Catania suffered in the end.

Grande Milan finished this game in 10 men with 3 left backs, 3 center backs and no midfielder on the field. The way Allegri has handled this whole injury crisis is incredible. The fact that the team hasn’t really fallen, or hasn’t really suffered as much in its style in spite of the injuries and new additions, is all down to him. Not many teams can handle the quantity of injuries we’ve suffered and have such results.

Most Milan fans get a sinking feeling overtime Bonera is included in the starting line up, however he was good against Catania and made 2 important tackles. Antonini the other weak link was not terrible either and deserved credit for fighting hard. In the middle of the defense, Yepes was such a monster, so composed on both ends. I wish that we had him a few seasons earlier, especially last season. Super-Mario Yepes owns the Air.

And What can you say about Thiago. One can run out of superlatives to describe him. Effortlessly, He makes all our midfielders look ordinary though he has been playing there for a week now. As he said in an interview, he is very scared of letting the ball go by him in midfield and putting the extra pressure on the defense. It must be a dilemma for Allegri, where should I play Thiago silva today ? He’s a world class defender/defensive midfielder and luckily for us he is a Milan Player.

There is nothing that I can say about our attack that hasn’t already been said. Even on off days they win us game, especially Ibrahimovic who woke up after Van bommel’s red card and combined with Fast train Robinho to drive home the 3 points. Grande Milan !

The next day Inter won against Palermo and much is being made of this come back win with debutant Pazzini scoring twice. For those Milan fans feeling shitty after a Inter comeback win, remember Palermo not only had a horrible defense but their star player Pastore failed to go into 5th gear today. The fact that they had to come back from 2-0 to win the game shows the state of Inter’s affairs. Their “comeback” win is not a surprise either, after all Inter had the second best Transfer market campaign in europe this season ,they are buying referees really cheap!