Only One Thing Scares me about Barcelona

I have a friend who is a Milanista just like me however there is a slight difference in our personalities. Where i am usually over confident and bullish in our Team’s abilities, my friend is a mess of nerves and caution. He even thought that we would draw against Pescara because Perin was in such a good form.

You can Imagine the kind of state he must be in, a week away from our return leg tie Vs Barcelona at Nou Camp.He’s wary of Xavi’s passes, Messi’s Pace,The reflection off Iniesta’s shiny forehead and on and on.While those are all genuine matters of slight concern for Milan, there is something else, something much more complicated that i am personally scared of.

Last night, i watched a Referee change the entire course of the Tie between United and Madrid.Nani did surely commit a foul however there was enough ambiguity in that incident for the referee to make do with a yellow.At the end of the match i ended up feeling bad for United supporters as i felt they had been hard done for.

I couldn’t help but wonder about our Match at the Infamous Nou Camp next Tuesday. The theatrical skills of Barcelona players combined with the pressure of home supporters ready to intimidate the referee is a scary prospect indeed.

Barca know that they have to score to win and i am afraid that they will resort to their usual theatrics and Referee manipulating tactics to get through. Imagine the scene last night. If one of our players were involved in an incident like that against Barcelona, we all know what the outcome would be.

They might not be able to use their pace to go past the Milan defense but they will use it freely to run to the referee and barrage him with their aggressive complaints. That’s the only thing i am scared of. Not their skills, not their passes and not their #10. Just their ‘Persuation’ Skills.