When Seedorf Throws a Tantrum..

The Star of the Match Vs Bologna was Clarence Seedorf. But Wait… ! Wasn’t He substituted for Antonio Cassano Who After coming on changed Milan’s Game Entirely.F That, Italian media is more interested in speculating why Seedorf headed straight for the tunnel when subbed.

The Short conclusion is that There is a rift between Allegri and Seedorf, who everyone knows is the self proclaimed leader of Our Milan. Don’t get me wrong, Clarence has given a lot to this Club, from when he came on till 2007. That was his chance to honorably exit to a lower rung club and leave us with good memories.

However, By Hanging around in Milan and earning the name Slowdorf, Clarence has just alienated a large proportion of Milanisti and almost undid all the good work he did in his prime. Against Bologna, when he walked out to the tunnel and later indirectly hinted at his displeasure to the media, Clarence has perhaps gone a step further and closed his Milan Chapter. I can hear a lot of Milanisti sigh With Relief.

Did Seedorf deserve to be subbed ? Yes and i commend Allegri for taking such a bold step. Reportedly, Later in the dressing room Allegri told Clarence that “Any player who doesn’t believe in the comeback will be subbed”. Antonio Cassano came on and the Difference was visible.

What would Clarence have gained by staying on the pitch and not contributing ? Shouldn’t he be happy that we were manage to salvage a draw ? A tantrum from such a senior player ? Especially the one who considers himself a leader of the team.. Getting Angry when you’re subbed because the team is switching to a mroe attacking system is not very becoming of a “leader”".

Dear Galliani, if only you had cut Clarence loose in the beginning of the ’08 season we would have been spared a lot of miserable nights. I just hope that Clarence has the grace to exit peacefully come end of this season.

Seedorf’s Post Match Comments

“Everything is okay with me and the squad. They know me, and I’m at Allegri’s disposal.I have cleared the air with Allegri, even though there wasn’t that much to clear. Everything is fine. I did have an outburst after the game but it was an outburst from someone who maybe cares too much about doing the best for Milan”

“I’m not used to telling about things that happen in the changing room, even though nothing really happened. As I’ve said before, I have a great desire, like everybody else, to give it my all. I wasn’t able to give the contribution that I would have liked to have given vs. Bologna. So if I have to leave the pitch after 55 minutes then I will remain angry. I’m a very passionate person, and I believe that after such a long time people know what I’m like as a person.”

“I wasn’t happy when I left the pitch, but it wasn’t because I got subbed, even though it might seem like it. At that moment we were losing vs. Bologna and I wanted to do something about it, but I felt powerless when I got subbed.
The anger has been there for a long time. This squad could have been in a different situation.”"

“Ever since I’ve started playing football, I have never put my personal things before the objective of the squad. But I ask for people to understand my outburst because I care a lot and I’m very outspoken during both good and bad times.”

“I will never allow my personal things to come before Milan, the fans and the coach And most importantly of all, I will never let my personal things come before my teammates, who have nothing to do with this. I’m known as a person who tries to unite the squad. But I’m also a human being. I also have emotions. These last few months have been very intense for me. We’re still in the race for the Scudetto. There are 5 matches left.”

“My only objective is to help and support the squad, regardless of I’m on the pitch, on the bench or in the stands. Hopefully we will see a nice surprise at the end of the season. There have been many incidents that have gone against us, but I’m referring to chances wasted and errors that we’ve committed. It’s a delicate situation, but I think that the squad reacted well in the second half and played a good match vs. Bologna. We absolutely have to believe in the Scudetto. We have to win all the remaining matches, starting with the one vs. Genoa tomorrow”

“I’m not happy that my outburst was leaked to the press. I’m not known as one who uses the press to create controversy. I have no need for it, as I tell people things to their face. Often, I get criticized because I’m outspoken. I’m displeased that there has been so many leaks to the press this year. Milan has always been an important and cohesive unit. After these incidents we’ve had the chance to clear the air because we’re men and we have the possibility to explain the incidents.”